HOW BRITISH Maharaja Duleep Singh September 6,1838-October 22,1893.

  HOW WAS DILEEP SINGH A PAWN OF THE BRITISH  Maharaja Duleep Singh September 6,1838-October 22,1893. Was a pawn of the British in many ways. He was always closely supervised by the British. His life revolved around the British from a young age. He was kidnapped at the tender age of 5. He converted to Christianity at 15 years old. He was put into a trap of proselytism. He was stopped every time he tried to get to Punjab. He was kidnapped by the British at a young age. So that he would make a understanding that the British wouldn’t do harm. Which made him very vulnerable.  At the age of 15 a kid learns what is right or wrong and who’s on his side. If someone kidnaps him then the idea of what to think is imprinted on him by the kidnappers its like Stockholm Syndrome. The same thing happened to Duleep Singh. He was taken at 15 and was brainwashed into believing british beliefs and adopted the British culture. He even was related to the queen. His children’s godmother was Queen Victoria. So he was affected in a lot of aspects. He did whatever they said because thats what he thought was right and that was what he was told to do.He was put into spiral of info that would steer him towards doing what the British say even changing his religion.  At age 15 Maharaja Duleep Singh had converted his religion from Sikhism to Christianity. The influence that the British had on him was obviously substantial. He did not try to go back or connect with the rule that revolved around the religion that he had left for christianity. He was 5 when he was made maharaja but he did not have any recollection of it because he was so young. He was integrated into the British culture at a young age so he would not go against their tactics to lead him away from his kingdom. The proselytism worked well. He was then not a Sikh and made him be more disconnected from Punjab which therefore made Duleep vulnerable to the Britishers commands. He couldn’t think that this was wrong or even say it is because the British were slowly making him their guinea pig. A  guinea that would be strictly observed when going to Punjab. A pawn that would be arrested if he was not on a strict tour when going to Punjab.  Duleep Singh did want to go to Punjab at a point and he was granted his wish in a peculiar way. He was given strict tours when he went. The purpose so that no one could tell Duleep about the opportunities he had in Punjab.He did go to meet his mom, Maharani Jind Kaur on 16 January,1861 at Spence’s Hotel,Calcutta. They met briefly though. Dulled Singh was sent back on the first ship to England with his mom. They took them out fast because armed Sikh regiments were gathering at the hotel and the British were afraid that the Sikhs would not let them leave with the mother and son. Dileep was now in the trap of the British. He was married to his two wives which were not punjabi, in Britain.He had 8 kids and was not going to rule the kingdom that was rightfully his.  Maharaja had been a pawn of the British for as long as he can remember. He did not rule the kingdom he was supposed to. He was revolving around the British. Duleep Singh did not convert back to Sikhism for 46 years. That was only because he had Sikhsaround him. He was kidnapped at the age of 5. He was integrated into the British culture slowly but surely. He went to Punjab on strict tours. He met his mom in Punjab after she got weak and could not help him rebel so she was taken to England by Duleep. He died in Paris as a pawn and a failure in perspective to what he could’ve been.