Anti-essay told or have read that the topic

Anti-essay tips

Bored with non-stop essay writing or tired of your professor’s demanding requirements and constant pressure? Not able to force yourself to write one more work on sophisticated and serious topics? Well, there is a way to cheer you up a bit. This situation can be solved by creating a totally different essay from all the others you have ever written before. And the solution is the anti-essay. This is a reverse paper where no demands or rules should be taken into consideration. Students are given a unique chance to write such an essay that will meet no dull official criteria but only their imagination, creativity, plus originality. They can write an anti-essay to impress their classmates and your teacher. The crucial advice to everyone – if anyone intends to generate such an essay, forget everything you have been taught about essay writing. An anti-essay is an opposite of a regular essay. There are several useful tips on how to create the worst paper of the century or the anti-essay!

1. Come up with a ridiculous and extravagant topic.

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Students have to omit the rules according to which they write an ordinary, boring to death work – they should start from the choice of their ideal topic. You must have been told or have read that the topic of any type of papers always has to be serious, meaningful, solid, and relevant. Hah, not in this text! Anti-essays give students the freedom to choose whatever topic they want – if they have a desire to write about the beauty of marshmallows, the necessity of dogs’ clothes, or the recycling of the needles, they should do this! Tell about anything that comes to your mind plus seems weird for writing a proper essay. Every absurd topic sounds well!

2. No preparation, no research, and no comprehension.

After finding the worst and weirdest essay topic ever, you should begin your writing process without any preparations. Any at all! Forget about outlines, multiple drafts, plans, and other things you have been told to do during essay preparation. You don’t need them to create an excellent anti-essay. If you do this whole planning staff, there is a possibility that you will write an average standard essay. So don’t make such a mistake. In addition, don’t even think about conducting a research to find facts or evidence to make your topic more trustworthy. That will be really odd to do.

3. The more mistakes, the merrier.

It’s also very useful not to revise whether your grammar, spelling, vocabulary, or formatting are correct – remember, students are not delivering a typical essay. All mistakes they make should be cherished, preserved, appreciated, and included in their works. They can actually make as many errors as you please. Don’t try to sound official and sophisticated – use the simplest language possible, multiple repetitions, stylistic inconsistencies, plus a lot of misprints. You should become the king or queen of misprints.

4. To edit means to spoil a proper anti-essay.

For heaven’s sake, do not proofread your work – no editing should be used in this situation. After hundreds of papers you have written you can automatically try to spot possible inconsistencies and mistakes in your work. This should be stopped. Do your best not to repeat this process once again as it is an odd thing to do while writing an anti-essay. And if you notice that the general idea of your work is noticeable and text is coherent or, God forbid, logical, this means that you failed at producing an anti-essay. Your work can’t have visible logic or moral. A decent paper should have no point at all – moreover, it should be written in such a way that even you won’t understand what sense is hidden there.

If you follow these magnificent instructions, you will submit a decent anti-essay to get the worst mark ever! Don’t worry – it is not complicated to deliver an excellent absurd piece of creativity. Just ignore all the known rules to succeed. You can start creating your masterpiece right now.