How their physical body image, it is not

How does the dominant ideology of our culture define beauty?

    The dominant ideology of our culture defines beauty by a concept of a “double standard”. Beauty in our society is tied to the appearance of their (women) bodies than worth and this changes the view of women beauty is more significant than women’s lives. Thus, is what makes it a double standard. Women are shown to be vulnerable to culture dominant ideology. Beauty for women would be defined as a Barbie Doll. Meaning that women should be “thin (although fit, sculpted, and large breasted), young, abled, and smiling…” (WVFV.188) Even though men get criticized for their physical body image, it is not the same as women experience. A man could be overweight and still have his confidence and the man does not receive much mockery from our culture. As for a woman is expected to uphold a beauty image. Women go through the more intense examination, and we (women) tend to believe what popular culture has to say about what beauty is.

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How are these definitions enforced?

    Ideal beauty is defined for both genders, although, for women, it’s more enforced. These definitions are enforced by the industries such as make-up, modeling, and entertainment. The industries produce a certain image that withholds the dominant ideology of women, the Barbie Doll image.

How do these definitions threaten women in their bodies?

    These definitions threaten women bodies because they turn to other solutions to obtain the societies beauty image such as eating disorders. The pressure of society forces women to push their limits to obtain the slim look. Some notable eating disorders that detrimental to women’s health which include bulimia nervosa (binge eating with followed by vomiting or use of laxative), anorexia nervosa (self-starvation) (WVFV.229). Eating disorders are very serious and can cause more damage done to the body. Thus, is how the definitions of beauty ideology threaten women’s bodies. 

How can women resist the beauty ideal?

    Women could resist the ideal beauty image in different ways. Women could choose not to participate in these beauty rituals. Also, choose not to support these doings along with the industries and the images they produce. The women who resist the beauty ideal by creating different definitions of beauty. Some women make the decision to resist all ideal’s together, but others find other solutions that work for them, choosing to participate in some ideal’s and being able to reject the other ideals.