Thesis and hardware by Operating systems. The users

Thesis Statement

Linux Operating system has rescued small business owners and consumers from exploitative tendencies from manufacturers of operating systems. Its capabilities has changed the world of computers especially on how small business will reduce the hidden computer maintenance costs that affect business performance.


Linux is an “Operating System” which facilitates applications and helps operators to access programs so that they can execute preferred operations. The OS sends out information from an application to the central processing unit. The CPU executes instructions, which sends outcomes to the application through the OS (Stallings; 2008).

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Linux operating system has developed into a computing force that creates change in cellular phones, Stock Exchange in NY, customer devices and super-computers. Linux operating system was initially used as a server operating system on wristwatches and super-computers. The Linux establishment is setting up federal databases that will create a list of all available Linux products and store the devices that initiated Linux electronics.

How Linux has made lives better

Linux has made life better in a number of ways. The first one is that it is an open source software, which means that it is free. Users of Linux therefore do not incur any cost as they download the operating system from the internet.

This has lowered the competitors prices on Operating System, as they were very expensive before the introduction of Linux. This has made it possible for many people to have their own personal computers as they can buy the hardware and get the Operating System free of charge, which was not the case before Linux introduced its open source software (Stallings, 2008).

The advanced technology and integration of technological innovations into one product or system has made many electronic devices become obsolete especially computers. This is because as computers advance in age their processing speed becomes slower or they usually clutter with many files that make the computer crash or lower its performance.

The case with Linux is different because it is capable of operating in a computer with very slow processing speed. This has led to reduction in electronic waste from computers as it is easier to install them with Linux and they can work as long as the user wants to use them (Egan, 2000).

Linux operating system has made life better for consumers because no one is forcing them to upgrade their software and hardware by Operating systems. The users of Windows operating system, which upgrades their systems regularly, force them to incur unexpected costs. For Linux, the user only upgrades the hardware or software at will as the system is compatible with all types of hardware and incase there is a newer version, the users of Linux are in a position to download it free of charge.

Consumer products based on Linux

Linux is free software and manufacturers of consumer products are now using Linux to reduce manufacturing expenses. Some of the consumer products include audiovisual entertainment devices such as the Philips Pronto, which is a home theater system with light control systems. The Digital Dream box radio and television decoder with satellite capabilities is another example of use of Linux in electronic products (Stallings, 2009).

Linux has made life better through the introduction of cellular phones, which use Linux operating system. The Nokia N900 is one of the phones, which run on Linux operating system. Samsung Galaxy among other phones are some of the examples of Linux application that have been embedded in cellular phones thus giving the user the ability to edit documents using phones, among other capabilities (Bovet, 2006).

How Linux has promoted small businesses

The first and the major way in which Linux has benefited the small business owners regard lowering their costs. Linux is free software that is available to all people. The small business owners who are involved in lowering costs are welcome to use this software.

With Microsoft Operating system, the policy for buying operating system for a business requires that, someone buy each computer in the business with its own operating system. However, it is a different case with Linux as the Operating System is usually free of charge and incase one buys it on a diskette there is no obligation to buy diskettes for each computer in the business (Egan, 2000).

Small business owners benefit from the development of Linux operating system that incorporates software such as Ubuntu operating system, which is becoming popular. The computers using Linux are safe from malware, which usually affects computers using windows operating system.

This operating system helps in wiping out worms, viruses and other problems found in computers. Even though it is possible to acquire these viruses even with the use of Linux, (malware is mostly written-for Windows), its system architecture, based on a server-consumer relationship can make it intricate for a virus to cause any damage (Stallings, 2008).

The small business owners who use Linux benefit from increased efficiency, as there is no waste of time waiting for processing of documents. When Windows are used for long and store many different programs, the desktop or laptop computer usually is filled with trash information and as a result, it becomes slower.

This affects the efficiency and increases the cost of doing business. However, with Linux this is not a challenge because the Operating system is very fast even on a computer whose hardware has a processing speed of 256 MB. The system does not have many multi programs or additional programs, which exist in Microsoft to make it slower.

Linux operating system is easier to use compared to Windows and terminal use is not essential in most cases. What can be easier than creating a package manager, picking the software of your choice, and allowing Linux OS to download it? Linux has the ability to support more devices compared to Vista (Haldar, 2009).

The small businesses benefit from this feature of Linux in that they manage to save a lot of money used in training staff on how software operate. This training is not necessary when dealing with Linux as the staff can learn to use it within a short period. Online free tutorials for Linux are also available for anyone interested in learning how to use it.

Linux has enabled the small business owners to save the costs of upgrading their hardware and software, which is very common in other operating systems. This is because Linux Operating System is very fast even when installed in old computers (Stallings, 2008). Linux operating system has readily available customer support systems to assist the business owners in case of a problem.


Linux has indeed changed the world of small business owners who have embraced it. Much software is increasingly becoming free leading to the end of monopolization of modern of technology by capitalists. The use of Linux will be as popular as the use of internet all over the world in future.


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