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10-15 years ago, social media specialist’s role did not have an importance, people might not have any idea about the rise of need to social media specialist. However, today almost every company is involved in social media one way. The proof of that is in the recent researches. When we look at the Google Trend’s diagrams, it shows us the increase demand in the term for social media specialist in last ten years. And the graphic appears that individuals have never been as interested as they are today.

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When the need for social media has increased, the interest in social media professionals has also increased. For this reason, it was necessary for the training of social media experts. According to brands needs, some skills and traits that are needed for a good social media manager were shared. I will try to summarize some important points here.

1.    Curiosity: A social media specialist should be curious about what happens in the world and what are new developments, and he/she should immerse to the world of the social media. Also, he/she should experiment with new strategies.

2.    Adaptability: Adaptability and curiosity complement each other. When you discover something new or explore a trend, you should be able to quickly adapt to it.

3.    Content Creation: A successful social media specialist’s role is creating and adapting content for each specific network. Content is a crucial component for social media marketing and needs adaptability. It includes creating graphics, images for Facebook, content positioning under 140 characters for Twitter, taking photos for Instagram and etc. To be good at content creation, you should develop your videography, photography, design, positioning and copywriting skills.

4.    Marketing Analyst: A social media specialist needs to be able to dig into the data, analyze the data, and draw actionable insights because all marketing roles become more and more data focused.  That includes macro data and microdata. A social media specialist should know the pulse of the community and also s/he should be able to set goals that are just out of reach and find a way to hit the community. A successful social media specialist should know how to use the data to make informed decisions. To be good at marketing analyst, you should develop yourselves at data analysis, running scientific experiments and presentations.

5.    Community Management: SM is about creating, observing and responding to conversations within the brand and its community. Giving responds posts on Facebook, monitoring tweets, and engaging with brand advocates and knowing how to give respond negative comments. It’s part PR and part common sense.

6.    Writing Skills: Successful writing and how it works on social media are crucial. It includes the art and science of headline writing, writing engaging introductions, structuring the text for easy reading online. People can be skimming and scanning, so that means subtitles, bullet points and numbering are key part of this skillset.

7.    Strategy Planning: A social media specialist need to understand the big picture.  S/he should know how search, content and social media works together. S/he need to outline aims, define the desired audience and know what platforms will help them scale the efforts. As social media marketing is complicated, specialists need the right tools to do social at scale and automate.

8.    Managing Time: Creating a social media calendar is so important for time managing. It helps not only to save time, but also it helps to stay organized.

9.     Marketing Skills: Most prospective clients know the difference between good and bad social media. A social media specialist needs some advanced skills if expect to stand out. These advanced techniques include optimizing YouTube videos with descriptions, titles, tags, custom Facebook,  Twitter and YouTube headers, knowledge of hashtag marketing, Google+ Hangouts, email capture forms, etc.

10.Professional Communication Skills:

11.Calmness in the Face of Stress:

12.Quick Decision Making:

13.Knowledge of Where to Pass Complex Questions

10 Essential Skills a Social Media Manager Needs To Have on Their Resume