How car accidents among teens are due

How long is an individual able to put their phone down and ignore it when he or she has an incoming message or notification? Most people might say a couple minutes, hours or days, but teens might not be able to resist the temptation. When teens drive, the majority are seen on their phone. Young adult drivers do not realize how they are putting themselves and others in harm almost every day. Many car accidents among teen are caused by distractions from a phone which can have legal consequences. Also, with the new technological advancement in cars, some people might think that they are safe. The moment one chooses to pick up a cellphone in the car, they are putting many people at risk. Cellphones remain a major problem to younger people while on the road, and many car accidents among teens are due to being distracted by a phone. Teenagers are more likely to get in a car accident from texting and driving than from drinking and driving. While on the road, many drivers glance at their phone to read a message, answer a phone call, or to even change the music. As seen in the article Drunk Driving vs. Distracted Driving: Which is More Dangerous?, “Distracted driving has three components: visual (taking your eyes off the road), manual (taking your hands off the wheel), and cognitive (taking your mind off of driving)” (Held). Texting while driving requires two eyes and two hands, so it is impossible to remain total focus of the road. While drinking and driving can significantly decline visual functions of the driver, texting and driving is more relevant to this age group. At any given moment 660,000 people are using their cellphone while driving (Held). Whether this happens the easy way or the hard way, everyone needs to realize how these devices are negatively impacting young people lives and the repercussions of distracted driving. As soon as an individual glances at their cellphone while driving, they are putting everybody at risk. While teenagers are driving, not many think how other people lives can be affected by one wrong move. It is not just themselves they should think about, it is every person and their families who can end up devastated by the loss of a loved one. A lot of people do not think twice about the consequence of using a phone while driving because they previously got away without incident (Csere).  Not only does a car accident affect the drivers and passengers, it affects everyone who ever cared for them. According to car enthusiast Csaba Csere, “Whatever the legality of this activity, texting while driving is obviously asking for trouble. None of us should ever do it. And if we do and injure someone in the process, doing hard time strikes me as an appropriate punishment” (Csere). Whether teens decide to pick up the phone while driving or not, it is important to realize how it could affect another life. However, some people do not think that this subject does not apply to them and think the car will keep them safe. Although the majority of teens know about the negative effects of texting and driving, some brush it off as it if does not involve them. As years pass by, new advancements in the automobile industry are surfacing. Self-driving cars have been launched by four big companies and they are classified as safe and capable of driving with no assistance. Drivers are suddenly free from focussing of the road, and they do not need to spend much time looking at it (DeFranco). These cars would enable others to text and drive and not have to worry about any consequence, but it is not realistic. A teenager would most likely not be able to afford a brand new self-driving Tesla. People are putting their lives in the hands of a robotic car which comes with many risks. According to writer Neel Patel, “People have to learn how to be OK with the notion that autonomous vehicles will be involved with at least some portion of accidents and that machine error might even be the root cause for some of those collisions” (Patel). Self-driving cars may be improving day by day, but it is not worth losing your life to machine error. Teens should not get used to the concept of self-driving cars because the majority can not afford a luxury $80,000 Tesla. People need to be focused on the road and take responsibility for their life and others while driving.Texting while driving is a recurring issue seen amongst many teenagers. Accidents have reportedly been more common when dealing with texting than drinking. Also when a teen picks up their phone in the car, they should be thinking about every person around them who they can harm and what would happen if they got into an accident. While new technology is always exciting, it is ultimately the driver’s obligation for his or her own safety in the car. Overall, phones should not be looked at while driving because they are a major distraction to the eyes of teenagers and can destroy lives.