How were stealing votes so they can stay

How does a changing economy impact  the rest of America?A changing economy can impact America in big ways and quite possibly destroy a whole country and the people within. Since Americans in the 1900’s were sadly not informed about how largely their life can change because of the economy. If the money from the Americans taxes were used properly, America at the time would have been a lot more successful and less people would have suffered. A failing economy would negatively affect the rest of America and the government would lose all its power without money, it will especially affect the people as well.Party bosses were becoming wealthy off of the suffering of others. The taxes the American citizens were paying were being stolen by party bosses. The party bosses were stealing votes so they can stay in power and continue to receive more money, one of the many ways they were doing this is by giving citizens of the lower class food or money that would last them a few weeks and since most of the time they were immigrants they thought they were getting free food and money for just signing a piece of paper with their name on it. Little did they know that was one of the main reasons they were in poverty. Immigrants were put in horrible conditions for example in one room they tried to fit 6 people with all of their belongings in a extremely cramped space, some rooms didn’t have windows where they kept a furnace that released a lot of smoke that affected the people in the rooms health negatively, it even showed children hungry and alone in the streets with no shoes(Riis).The railroads were one of the many ways for big businesses to get money, they were buying railroads so they can charge people ridiculous amounts. This tactic was used to knock out small business owners out of the competition. This gave big businesses the chance to charge even more for their products since no other business were selling them in that area, the businesses controlling the railroads practically controlled the economy. (Joseph Keppler) Three men which were named William Vanderbilt, Jay Gould, and Cyrus W. Fields. Vanderbilt were known as the railroad “Giants” and were railroad big shots. These men had trusts with the Union Pacific, New York Central, and Lake Shore & Dependence Lines. They had complete control over the pricing of the railroads and all railroad operations, because of this the government had little power over them and the railroads. But since the Interstate Commerce Act in 1887 their power over the railroads dwindled, people were finally pay a decent amount to get to place to place and small business companies were able to transport their goods.  When Teddy Roosevelt became president he had a plan called the Square Deal which included conservation of land, food and drug safety, trust busting, labor strikes, african-american Civil Rights, and railroad regulation (Sidney Milkis). Teddy Roosevelt did this so he can assist the people and improve the economy for America. Teddy Roosevelt wanted to improve the economy so people wouldn’t have to suffer and limit the power of big businesses so the government can start breaking down these businesses so they can regain control. (Clifford Kennedy Berryman) Teddy Roosevelt was dominating those that were breaking antitrust laws which helped citizens of america by a lot. Teddy Roosevelt was trying to restrain big businesses so it can help society and give the government more power over businesses. War affected America’s economy in drastic ways while America was supporting the military, the citizens of America were still trying to survive even with all of the laws that were set in place to help the common citizens of America for example Teddy’s square deal and Wilson’s foreign policy. But since most of the money was used to support the military there wasn’t much left for the citizens of America, for example America spent approximately 32 billion dollars in World War I (Carlos Lozada). Even with the promise of president Wilson “He Kept Us Out of War” if only president Wilson kept his promise to the people when he was running, it would have prevented many issues that were going to block America’s path to greatness. The great depression was the worst time for America. Since president Herbert Hoover had the belief that all Americans should be able to support themselves without any assistance, this way of thinking is called rugged individualism. Hoover stayed passive during the great depression and didn’t give the people a helping hand like a president should have. In result of this over thirty-two million Americans lost their jobs(Thomas DeGrace) and couldn’t support their families, incomes were reduced by forty percent. Thankfully churches and restaurants were holding bread lines to hand out food to those that were poor and hungry(Ralph Fuller). But even with the churches and the restaurants handing out scraps people were still hanging on by a thread. Seven million Americans died during the great depression some Americans even committed suicide to end their suffering.In conclusion a failing economy would negatively affect the rest of America and the government would lose all its power without money, it would especially affect the people. A person can go from living in the upperclassmen life to barely getting enough food for themselves let alone their family’s.