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Hook doneBumper:Intro: Hello Everybody!Welcome to Android Gearbox, I am Rayne Almondseed bringing you Mobile apps that Android has to offer. To feel motivated may need some little kick of cuteness. So let’s start the year rolling with this 5 cute apps to organize your entire year.#1. Kanahei account or household account appThis Kawaii inspired money app will motivate you to save money for the rest of the year. You can add or remove default icon and even rename it depending on what exactly your spending activity is. whether you are a student or you’re already working.and every time you complete a number of days using this app their is a story as well that you can read while managing your spending habits.#2. Catlendar and diariesThis app is designed with lovely cat backgrounds, stickers, a weekly planner,a diary and memo pad.It’s like having paper planner on your phone. To trigger the alarms for events posted in the planner you have to install the remainder app and the alarm sound comes from the notification alarm that you’ve set from your sound settings.#3.Sticky note Mochi Mochi PandaThe creators of this app use cuddling pandas for this sticky notes app. you can change the interface background of the app,and even the sticky notes design can be changed. Additional designs are available once you play the apps capsule toy. just  make sure you are connected to the internet to download the designs. And you can set this as a widget in your homescreen. Instructions are provided on how to do it.#4.MemocoolThis app is not only cool and cute. you will also feel that you are at home checking a set of reminders on the fridge. You can change the color of the sticky notes and change the magnetic refrigerator decorations, and set this as a reminder app. You can also set this as widget in your home screen.#5. Water time proIs a drinking water reminder app. It  has a lovable water droplet that serves as an indicator whether you are dehydrated and it becomes bloated if you drink too much water. What’s good about this app is that you can manually set different alarm sounds. So you know which app triggers notification.By the way, the following apps that I’ve used in this video are all free version. You will get additional features of this apps if you upgrade to their premium versions.And that’s all folks. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoy this video. If you have comments and suggestions, kindly leave them on  the comments section below.Feel free to subscribe to my channel and if you’re already subscribe, tick the notification bell so you won’t miss any upcoming videos. Hit like, Hit share, Hit subscribe. If you love this video. Have a great day and see you in the next edition.