Homes a basket and looked for the berries

Homes          Back then the Algonquian people didn’t have bricks, cement, tile, or inclination so they made their own homes called wigwams.  They made the wigwams by bending birch bark poles into a dome shaped frame then they secured the poles with birch bark strips and tying them onto the poles.  Next, they covered the bottom with a reed skirt.  After that they covered the dome in birch bark squares.  Then, they secured the squares with more birch bark strips.  As a door they used a piece of leather hide.  Inside there was a stone fireplace in the middle for heat.  The dirt inside was covered with fir sticks, which served  as an insulation and kept the family heated.  The women took the wigwams apart and toted them from place to place and set them up again and again.  They used the wigwams to sleep in and to perform rituals.  I got this information from     The Algonquian people could not eat out at Red Ginger, or Firefly, but instead they hunted, farmed, and gathered.Gathering       The food that the Algonquian people gathered might have included, berries, wild rice nuts, wheat, and tobacco.  They gathered the wild rice by going in a canoe across the stream and then whacked it with a stick with a curved end and it then fell in their canoe all ready for cooking.  To collect berries and tobacco the women went  into the woods with a basket and looked for the berries with is called gathering.Hunting     The Algonquian tribe could not go to your local food market and buy fresh cut meat ready for a spice rub, but instead they hunted raccoon, bear, squirrel, whale, caribou, seal, moose, and beaver.  They hunted these animals with spears, arrows, and bows. There was couple different ways to arrange meat.  The first way was to cook it, by roasting or boiling it over a fire, and then eat it stright away.  The second way was to smoke the meat, as a way to keep it, and then save it to eat in the future.  If you ask me I could not live of of meat pretty much everyday.FarmingThere was no easy way to farm back then.  They farmed corn, bean, and squash.  They used fish to fertilize their crops.  The women do the farming as well as the house making.  They might have made a vegetable soup with these foods.  Once more, I could not live off of vegetable soup.  Plus all of the food would have a fish after taste.Religions  The Algonquin had a few religions, these religions were that  “they believed that there was a holy world that merged all the time with the real world.  There was a  main spirit  that circled all life.  Algonquians called this amazing spirit ‘Kitchie Manitou’ or the ‘Great Spirit’.  The ‘Kitchie Manitou’ was present in all living and nonliving things.  The only people who could communicate with and control the spirits were the ‘Shamans’ or ‘Medicine Men’.  According to legend, people who were lost in the woods and starving,  sometimes would resort to cannibalism and become Wendigos. These people would return home from the forest only to beco