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Running in mountains has ancient origins: from Similaun man who was found in a glacier after 5,000 years with an arrow and goat fur coat and shoes stuffed hay …

1040: first “Hill race” in Scotland, King Malcolm Canmore organized a career in Braemar, to select a courier.

1790: Native Americans, organized as messengers in different companies, such as Iroquois Confederancy messengers, they ran 150km distances between Canadaigua and Niagara in the day.

1880: Cecil Slingsby crossed the 1,550 m high (5,800 ft) Keiser Pass, Norway, on skis.

1820: In the outdoor play “Hare and Hounds” appears as a discipline in England trail running.

1855: John “Snowshoe” Thompson, used skis to deliver the mail at least twice a month up and over the steep eastern scarp of the Sierra Nevada to remote California. Thompson’s route of 90 miles (140 km) took 3 days in and 48 hours back out with a pack that eventually exceeded 100 pounds of mail.

1876: Big Hawk Chief runs from Pawnee Agency to Wichitas, 120 miles in 24 hours.

1850: first edition of Grasmere (UK) 2.5 km-300m

1874: 20 july Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Chamonix 4810m: Frédérik Morshead 16h 30 ‘

1895: first edition of Ben Nevis in Scotland Race 16km, 1500m

1898: the Chamonix Guides organized a race to Mont Blanc

1904: 1st edition Vignemale race

1905: First edition of the Dipsea Race in San Francisco

1908: First edition of the Mount Marathon race in Alaska.

1910: Alfred Couttet and Joseph Bouchard up and down the Mont Blanc in 12h

1911: First edition of the Mount Baker Race in Washington USA

1912: Pagasarri Cup in Bilbao

1913: first edition of the ascension race Mount Fuji in Japan.

1915: First edition of the Mt Marathon race on July 4 in Alaska. 5km-1000m

1916: Friends of the Countryside Society organized the first running trails in the Sierra de Guadarrama, a Seven-Peaks-Cercedilla Cercedilla tour.

1923: First edition of the Copa del Hiero in Cercedilla, Spain

1924: ski mountaineering first races (Gosau, Olympics Chamonix)

1929: Orland Bartholomew skied alone over 300 miles (480 km) of California’s Winson Sierra from Cottonwood Creek to Yosemite National Park (Jon Muir Trail)

1933: first edition of Troffeo Mezzalama (ski race from Cervinia to Gresoney)

1938: Alfred Coutet record of Mont Blanc in 12h

1943: 1st edition of Patrouille des Glaciers

1946 Pellissier record from Breuil – Matterhorn in 8h40 min

1947: First edition of the uphill Mont Fuji race, Japan?

1948: First edition of City Tournament Yoshida, Japan?

1952: First edition of the Corsa ai Piani in Tabagnasco, Italy, with 4km and 1100m

1956: first edition of Pikes Peak Marathon, USA, with 3 finishers

1959: Arlene Pieper is 1st woman to finish Pikes Peak Marathon

1961: First edition of Giir di Mont, Italy

1961: First edition of Besseggløpet, Norway

1963: First edition of the Tour des Dents du Midi in France and Switzerland

1966: René Arnold et Sepp Graven climbs 4 ridges of matterhorn on a day

1968: Jean Marie Bourgeois and René Secrétant and up and down the Mont Blanc in 8h48 min

1970: Réné Arpin and Paul Chassagne do 7h58 min in the mont Blanc

1970: Fell Runners Association was created in England with a race calendar

1970: Yuichiro Miura skies Everest with a parachute to slow down

1973: first edition of Sierre-Zinal

1974: Eiger North face in 10h by Messner and Habeler

1974: Gordy Ainsleigh runs for the first time the Western States Endurance Run.

1975: Messner and Habeler climbs in alpine style on Gashebrum I, 8068m

1975: Louis Bazin takes 8h10 min in the Mont Blanc

1976: First edition of the Snowdon Race

1977: First edition of the Western States Endurance Run (USA)

1978: Messner and Habeler climbs Everest in alpine style

1980: Messner climbs solo Everest

1981: Armand et Aurel Salamin climb Croix du Weisshorn in 7h30

1982: Elbrus / Lenin peak  selection races for Russian Himalayas Expeditions

1983: First edition of the Leadville 100

1984: Nil Bohigas and Enric Lucas climb on alpine style south face of Annapurna

1984: Wielicki climbs Broad Peak, 8047m in 16 h up and 6h down

1984 : Christophe Proffit intégrale de Peuterey solo (32 h)

1985: Marco Barmasse climb 4 ridges of Matterhorn in 15h

1985 : Christophe Proffit  chain 3 faces  Nord Cervin-Eiger-Linceul aux Jorasses on the day

1985 : Christophe Proffit, 1st ascension on 10 h on Nord face Eiger. 

1986: First edition of Climbathon in Malaysia

1986: first edition of Pierra Menta

1986: Troillet and Loretan climb Horbein couloir in Everest in 43h

1986: First edition of the Marathon des Sables

1986: First edition of the Barkley Marathons

1986: Pierre Cusin and Thierry Gazan made 7h56 min in the Mont Blanc, starting a few years numerous attempts and records.

1987: Alejandro Randis climbs from Plaza de Mulas to Aconcagua in 8h 07. Same year Lito Sánchez climbs in 6h32

1987: Lenin Peak base camp (4200 m) to the summit (7134 m) for 8 hours. Anatoly Boukreev in selection race

1987: Peak of Communism from 6600 meters almost to the summit (7400 m) for 1 hour 27 minutes. Anatoly Boukreev in selection race

1987: Elbrus from the height of 4200 m to 5200 m mark in 1 hour 07 min. Anatoly Boukreev in selection race

1988: Laurent Smagghe, Mont Blanc in 5h29 min

1988: Valerio Bertoglio  the Monte Rosa in 5h29 Gresoney min33”

1988: Alex Lowe climb Grand Traverse on Tetons on 9h

1988: Fernando Garrido climbs alone and on winter Cho Oyu

1988: Wielicki climbs alone and on winter Lhotse,

1989: First edition of the Diagonale des Fous or the Grand Raid Reunion

1989: First edition of the Vermont 100 Endurance Run Mille

1989: 1st Edition of Elbrus Race with Vladimir Balyberdin, Anatoly Bukreev, Valery Khrishaty, Alexander Shejnov …

1989: Alagna-Mont Rosa: Marino Giacometti 6h7’33”

1989: Chamonix-Mont Blanc: the Swiss Pierre André Gobet leaves the record in 5h10’44” ^ 3h 48 ‘

1989: Pumori: 7200m ^ 9h 14h Marino Giacometti

1990: Anatoli Boukreev climbs West Rib in Denali in 10h30 

1990: First vertical kilometers in Italy.

1990: Courmayeur-Mont Blanc: Fornoni and Giacometti 12h ^ 6H7”

1990: Everest 8851m, Marc Batard sets the record up and down without oxygen, 22h29 ‘

1990: Popocatepetl (mexico) 5441m: V. Pani 3h30 ‘

1990: Alex Lowe do Grand Traverse in Tetons in 8h20′

1991: First edition of the race Courmayeur – Mont Blanc 52k: Greco and Meraldi 7h50 ‘

1992: First edition of the Mille Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run (USA)

1992: 2 french militaries climbs Aconcagua in 4h36 and down in 5h57

1993: First edition of the World Series Skyrunning

1993: Courmayeur – Mont Blanc, Adriano Greco wins with 7h03’31”

1993: Record at Pikes Peak: 4301m, 42.2200 m: Matt Carpenter: 3h16’39 2h01’06” ^”

1993: Fernando Garrido climbs alone on winter Horbein couloir in Everest to 8700m

1994: Carlos Casorio climbs Cho Oyu in 18h45

1994: Race-Mont Rosa Alagna: 4552m, 29k, 3350m: Fabio Meraldi 4h24’33” ^ 3h14 ‘

1994: First edition of the Maratona sky, sentiero 4 luglio, Italy

1994: Sky Marathon Tingri 4300m: Matt Carpenter 2h56’08”

1994: Castle Peak (Usa-co) 4037m: Matt Carpenter 3h23’10” ^ 1h50 ‘

1995: First edition of the Trofeo KIMA in Italy

1995: Cervino Breuil-4410, 12k, 2450m: Bruno Brunod set the record in 3h14’44” ^ 2h10 ‘

1995: Race in the Mount Kenya 4985m, 42k, 2440m: F ^ 3h29 Meraldi 5h03’22””

1995: Tibet Top 5200m marathon, 42k: Matt Carpenter 3h22’25”

1995: Shisha Pagma 8013m, Pep Ollé and Fabio Meraldi at 12h01 15h ^ ‘

1995: Gran Paradiso 4061: Champretavy sets the record 2h01’36 1h43’22” ^”

1996: Breithorn 4165m: Jean Pellissier in 2h26’14 1h48’18” ^”

1996: Mont Elbert (Usa-co) 4399m: Bruno Brunod 1h54’48”

1996:  Hans Kammerlander had reached the Everest summit from Camp III alone and without oxygen in 17 hours before skiing back down.

1996: Goran Kropp cycle from Jönköping (Sweden) to Everest and climb without support

1997: First edition of the Marathon Aneto, Benasque.

1998: Step-Iztaccihuati Cortez (mex) 5210M: Ricardo Mejia in 2h5044 1h55 ^” ‘

1998: Chad Kellogg climbs and down Mount Rainer in less than 5h

1999: Plaza de Mulas-Aconcagua: 6959m: Brunod-Meraldi-Pelliser in 5h57 ‘3h40 ^’

1999: First edition of the Maratona sky, sentiero 4 luglio Italy

2000: Grand Traverse Tetons Speed Record,  Rolando Garibotti; 6 hours, 49 minutes

2000: Davo Karnikar skies Everest from the summit

2001: Denis Urubko climbs Gashebrum II in 7h30

2001: Stefan Gatt climbes Everest on alpine style and snowboard down

2001: Marco Siffredi skies Everest in snowboard on Norton couloir

2002: first edition of Zegama Aitzgorri

2003: First Edition Ultra Trail Mont Blanc

2003: Chad Kellogg climbs Denali in 14h22 and 23h55 round trip

2004: Ueli Steck and Stephan Siegrist Trilogy Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (north faces) in 25 hours

2004: Iñaki Ochoa de Olza climbs Cho Oyu in 11h16′

2006: Stéphane Brosse and Pierre Gignoux Chamonix-Mont Blanc-Chamonix in 5h15′

2006: Christian Stangl, north-east ridge of Mount Everest, alone and without oxygen, from Camp III (ABC) to the summit in  16 hours, 42 minutes; The descent  took 6 hours, 48 minutes

2007: Jorge Egoecheaga runs from Horcones to Aconcagua and back on 14h 05

2008: Ueli Steck: Eiger north face, Heckmair route, speed record in 2:47:33 hours

2008: Ueli Steck Grandes Jorasses north face, Colton–McIntyre speed-record route in 2:21 hours

2009: Ueli Steck Matterhorn north face, Schmid route speed-record in 1:56 hours

2011: Stephane Brosse and Lionel Bonel ski Chamonix-Zermatt in 22h11′

2011: Ueli Steck Shishapangma south face solo in 10:30 hours

2012: Kilian Jornet Cournayeur-Chamonix via Innominata in 8h 42

2013: Mathéo Jacquemoud Chamonix-Mont Blanc-Chamonix in 5h06′

2013: Kilian Jornet Chamonix-Mont Blanc-Chamonix in 4h57′ up in 3h30

2013: Kilian Jornet Cervinia-Cervino-Cervinia in 2h52′ up in 1h56

2013: Ueli Steck Peuterey Ridge in 16h40

2013: Ueli Steck Annapurna, solo ascent via the south face in 28h

2013: Hervé Barmasse 4 ridges on Matterhorn on winter in 17h

2014: Andrzej Bargiel skies Manaslu in 21h14

2014: Kilian Jornet skies Denali in 9h42

2015: Ueli Steck: Eiger north face, Heckmair route, speed record in 2:22:50 hours

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