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Different countries went through diverse stages of development before they reached where they are at present. The United States of America is no exception. Regarding this, several authors have tried to write books expressing their different versions concerning the history of the United States of America.

This article will focus on Berkin Carol, Miller Christopher, Cherny Robert as well as Gormly James as they render their perceptions concerning the history of the US in the book entitled Making America: a History of the United States since 1865.

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This book focuses at large on the political chronology of the United States. Regarding the topic of the book, (Making America) the wellbeing of a country depends at large on the kind of leadership being exercised within the country. Looking at leadership, the book commences by focusing on the colonial exercises within the earlier American society. The authors move on to talk about the immigrant society as well as civilization of the earlier individuals within the United States of America.

The authors did not only revolve around the political atmosphere of the United States, they went further to explain by reflecting a diversity of personal experiences regarding the ethnicities within the American society. The diverse notions from different authors and chronologists concerning the History of the United States are elucidated on a wider basis.

The economical aspect and practices of the people in America has not been left unturned. The authors have tried to elucidate their views concerning the economical practices of earlier American individuals.

In writing the book, Berkin and her colleagues have tried vigilantly to uphold their positive views on the significance of political and social movements (32). The book also tries to explain the significance of the colonial society as well as the political dissimilarities within the history of America. Various conclusions may be arrived at after reading this book. However, the major conclusion that one may come up with is that the political disparities, the immigration movements as well as the social movements are indeed very significant.

Most authors in different books give diverse opinions on the history of the US. Most of the books tend to give the irrelevance of political dissimilarities and the immigrant society (Oates & Errico 52). This book tends to solely give its positive responses regarding the movements.

The authors of this book emphasize on the significance of the earlier social and political movements within the American society. The book has tried to attest that the social as well as political developments were indeed significant stages leading to the current state America is in. The book also focuses on the influence of America to the world as a whole and the role of America to the globe.

The book is a primarily straight narrative as it fully concentrates on the history of the US. The authors revolve on the political and the social movements within the American society in the past eras. The sociological basis of the narrative on the American society qualifies the narrative to be primarily analytical.

The most important message brought about by the authors is the significance of the political disparities. Despite the fact that this book is a historical chronology, this message relayed by the book can apply on a larger basis to the differences of the scholars in today’s colleges and other institutions.

The strong positive perceptions given regarding the political differences make Making America a good chronological account to lecturers in classes that replicate the diversity of today’s students in colleges. This chronological content is therefore vivid and logical to the scholars at various stages of vigilance.

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