hey the most scaryand most dangerous criminals

hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here andtoday we’re going to be looking at the10 most dangerous prison inmates in theworld we all know that prisons are onescary place mainly because of who’s inthem we will see bad criminals andnewspapers from time to time but theseare the scariest and most dangerousprison inmates you don’t even know aboutbefore we get into it – be sure tosubscribe to my new channel the craftylinks in the top right corner now checkit out coming in at number 10 that wehave the real penny wise we all know thehit book miniseries and now movie it itis about a clown that goes aroundscaring kids and taking their lives thisis good for a fright but it’s allfiction right well not exactly becauseback in the 1980s which is when the hitmovie was said there was a real-lifeversion of penny wise the guy was calledJohn Wayne Gacy and he was on thesurface a normal husband and father buthe had a crazy secret life he began todressed up as a character he called Pogothe clown Pogo was supposed to be likebozo but as I said this guy’s more likepenny why’s that is because he wouldvolunteer at children’s parties duringthis time he would take as many kids aspossible and then take their lives theyfound missing people in his cruel spaceinside his house and in a nearby riverhe’s gone down as one of the most scaryand most dangerous criminals to everexist luckily he’s locked up behind barstoday but this still doesn’t change howterrifying he really is I’m pretty surethis guy’s put a lot of people offclownsforever next up is lobster boy thiscriminal is very odd and has lived oneof the most odd lives ever lived hisreal name is Grady Franklin Stiles jr.he was nicknamed lobster boy thanks to acondition that’s common in his family hewent into the carnival at the age ofseven as there weren’t many things hecould do thanks to his hands he latergot married to another carnivalperformer but as he aged he became angryand drank way too much which caused himto turn evil he was horrible to his wifeand four kids two of which had handslike he did when one of his kids withoutthe odd hands grew up and got married hebecame jealous and shot her husband inthe face he went to prison but wasreleased years later he then began tosay he would do the same thing he did tohis kids husband to his wife as she’dgot remarried when he was locked up buthis wife didn’t want to take any chancesso she paid another con$1500 to take him out nobody came to hisfuneral and on his grave was just hisname and to praying hands wow thosehands just add insult to injury next upis eyeball man this is not only one ofthe scariest and most dangerouscriminals but he’s also one of thescariest looking men on this planet in2012 he was arrested for shooting a copin a bathroom argument now that’s badenough but that isn’t what brought himmedia attention what brought him allthis attention was the scary tattoos hehad all over his face he’s obsessed withtattoos and has over 20 just in his facebut his face isn’t the only place he hastattoos he also has a tattooed blackeyeball which is why many people callhim eyeball man his real name is JasonBarnum and he is one scary looking guyfrom his facebook photos we can also seethis guy has tattoos all over his entirebody not only that he’s got a giantskull tattoo on the top of his head somaybe he should be called skull maninstead this guy looks so scary even ifhe hadn’t committed a crime I think he’dstill make this list I know youshouldn’t normally judge a book by itscover but perhaps this guy is anexception coming up next is the redRipper this guy’s nickname is the redRipper it’s a parody of Jack the Ripperwho took the lives of hundreds of womenin England many years ago and the redpart is because this guy’s from Rostovin the Soviet Union which is now Russiahis real name is Andrei Chikatilo and hetook the lives of over 52 women andchildren over a span of 1