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What makes our life significant and meaningful? Every day we interact with a lot of people who influence our life greatly. Moreover, we are also able to affect the world around us while communicating or working. Thus, we often meet those people who can change our life. Is it possible to name them ‘heroes’? Why do we consider these people as ‘heroes’? Where is the difference between an ordinary person and a hero? It is important to accentuate the fact that the notion of ‘hero’ can have various meanings for different people.

However, you always notice the moment when an ordinary person changes your life for better with his actions, and you start thinking of him as a hero. Hero is a person who can be well-known because of his great achievements or be an ordinary man who plays one of the main roles in your life because of his great human qualities and talents. The difference of the definitions depends only on your personal perception of this individual’s significance for your life.

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To speak about a definite person as a hero, it is necessary to think of those significant traits which you value in people and the fact whether these traits are shared by your hero. In spite of the difference in the immensity of heroes’ actions, there is the quality which determines these people among others.

It is their readiness to help those persons who need this help and their ability to follow their way in life in spite of the public’s stereotypes. People are inclined to discuss someone’s actions as heroic when they go beyond the typical everyday behavioral scenarios and are directed toward the other people’s needs.

To be able to act against the public’s expectations, but in order to achieve the noble goals, heroes should have certain personal traits. The range of these traits can be various because every person creates the image of an ideal hero according to his or her considerations developed under the influence of literature, media, and real situations. However, many people agree that a hero should be courageous, generous, strong, and wise.

The name of an Australian man James Harrison is well-known in his native country among young mothers and in the medical sphere. This man of 75 years old has presented the opportunity to live in this wonderful world to more than two million babies who suffered from Rhesus disease.

James Harrison is an ordinary person who dedicated his own life to saving the lives of millions babies. He is a donor, and he has a rare kind of blood with specific antibodies which are used for developing a special vaccine. His heroism is in the fact that every several weeks since the age of eighteen he gives his blood in order to save babies’ lives and presents the chance for joy to their mothers. Once he chose to devote his life to the other people and became a hero in the audience’s eyes because of his courage and nobility.

The ideal heroes are depicted in the fictional literature. The real heroes are among us and we can meet them in our everyday life. Can an ordinary person become a hero one day? It is possible to say that he can when he makes the choice to give the part of his heart to the other people and has the inner power to overcome the difficulties associated with this choice because the life of a hero is full of the great responsibility before that man who considers you as a hero and before the whole society.