Heroes the distinctions between the two entities.

Heroes and celebrities contribute to the development of the society. Additionally, they are active in helping people discover their roles. LaBarge indicates that “If we most of us, as Thoreau said, live lives of quiet desperation, it is because our horizons of possibility are too cramped” (LaBarge, 2010).

This is an indicator that heroes are instrumental in shaping and rebuilding destroyed livelihoods. It is imperative for the society to adopt the ideas suggested by heroes in a cautious manner. This means that societal members have to neglect non-beneficial and inappropriate concepts.

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Authors and scholars define the word celebrity basing on their surroundings and ideas. Jaffe (2005) indicates that a celebrity “is not merely a commodity or status, but an intricate system through which meaning is made and social relations constituted”. Additional scholars indicate that a celebrity is a person with an outstanding personality profile as seen in career and social processes.

Concurrently, a hero means “an individual who posses distinguished bravery in danger, or determination in suffering” (Jaffe, 2005). It is notable that heroes are famous as seen in their exemplary actions that affect the society positively. Eventually, they leave outstanding legacies that make people remember them.


Even though, celebrities and heroes are not defined in a similar manner, several aspects characterize both parties. For example, celebrities and heroes are famous. Furthermore, they attract masses regardless of the strategies, which they utilize to influence the society. Indeed, both categories have the power to influence the society through their supremacy as evident when they attract people within a setting. Eventually, the community may choose to imitate them.

The status associated with celebrities and heroes is different. Allison & Geothals (2010) indicate that, while a celebrity focuses on drawing attention to activities that characterize his nature and individuality, a hero is goal driven since he focuses on alleviating the conditions within the society. These actions are initiated with the intention of remaining relevant within the communal setting. The table below illustrates the distinctions between the two entities.

The actions of a hero go unnoticedThe actions of a celebrity are often recognized
A hero focuses on aptitude to influence others positively.A celebrity uses talents to seek attention.
A hero participates in activities that othersA celebrity participates in activities to impress others