Violence homicides occurred within the family, with 48

Violence against women is not an uncommon issue at present. A lot of women are suffering from physical and emotional violence. The number of battered women continues to exist and only a number of them are willing and ready to speak up and seek for help. Wives are continuously being abused, physically, mentally and emotionally by husbands. What the women of today needs is efficient information dissemination as to the seriousness of this issue and the awareness that there are people out there who are ready to help them out.

An issue as important as this warrants massive attention, and our organization is ready and willing to take part in this mission. Our organization does not only seek to save battered women from violence, but also to trace the roots of the prevalence of the violence, and ultimately, to prevent further damage to be caused not only to women, but also to society. The seriousness of this issue lies in the fact that violence to women can also be the cause to other domestic crimes. As correctly pointed out by Downs, Domestic abuse is a serious problem.

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In 1984, for example, 4,408 homicides occurred within the family, with 48 percent of these involving a spouse. Of these, 1,310 women were killed by husband, 806 were men killed by wives. In 1993, 1,530 women were killed by their husbands or companions, according to the FBI. In his famous study on homicide in Philadelphia, Martin Wolfgang finds that 60 percent of the husbands killed by their wives had “precipitated” their deaths by threats or acts of violence, whereas only 9 percent of the wives had precipitated their death (1996).

The reason why women are continuously being abused can be traced to the fact that there is not much premium placed on the overt act of violence direct against women. Some probably think that this is part of domestic conflicts; that it is not intentional and will not happen again. So also, a lot of women are afraid to talk to anyone about the violence done to them because of the shame caused by their experience.

“Not understanding the biochemistry of why they tolerate abuse or feel paradoxically calm when being battered leads abused women to feel shame, which reinforces the negative self-appraisal first put in place by disrupted attachment bonds”(Gilbertson, 1998). The role of our organization is to dissemination information to women as regards the seriousness of violence against women. Our organization seeks to impart the message to women that being abused is not a simple matter and that the same affects not only the woman, the family, but also the society.

In relation to this, our organization provides counseling to battered women. It is imperative to let these abused women feel and know that someone is ready to listen to the agony that she is experiencing; that there is nothing shameful about what she has experienced. We respond to the needs of battered women by letting them know that there is some place she can go to when the conjugal home ceases to be a safe place to live in. Our organization is suited to provide the help and assistance that battered women need as we are composed of individuals who are equipped with necessary background on the manner.

It is hence assured that effective counseling can be provided to women who have suffered violence. We are ready to and able to respond to the needs of battered women due to our extensive research and information gathering as regards the subject matter. In addition to this, our heavy exposure and interaction with battered women grant us the capability to recognize and identify how to deal with issues involving violence against women. Our organization exists to aid battered women who are clearly in need of help and support. We intervene not only in the sense that we lend a helping hand to the women who have been abused.

We go the extra mile by going straight to the root of the problem in order to solve it. Our organization is firm in our mission to determine what causes violence against women, why women allow it to happen, and why they easily forgive their aggressors despite the pain that they have suffered. We believe that preventing the problem from increasing necessitates scrutinizing the main causes why violence against women happens.


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