Hello, special interest in discussing the Materials Engineer

This letter is to express my special interest in discussing the Materials Engineer position posted on
Indeed. The opportunity presented in this listing is very appealing, and I believe that my experience and
education will make me a competitive candidate for this position.
I am current pursuing PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Alabama at
Birmingham. As a Graduate Research Assistant in the solidification laboratory, my research is primarily
focused on developing a structure-property correlation plot for cast iron. This will allow predicting the
mechanical properties and the microstructure for a specific set of solidification conditions. Working on
this research project has made me proficient in metallography, SEM, tensile testing and in various
computer software such as M.S Excel, MagmaSoft, MATLAB, CREO, Solidworks and ANSYS, Latex etc. In
this role, I also have the opportunity to train undergraduates and masters’ students and help them with
their research. This has instilled multi-dimensional communication skills, creative thinking skills and an
ability to recognize, act upon, and solve research and engineering related problems as a team.
While doing my bachelors at Jadavpur University, India, I was introduced to austenitic steel, ADI, and
aluminum alloys. Under Prof. P. Charkaborti, we worked on the effect of ratcheting strain on the tensile
properties of 304 austenitic stainless steel. Working on this project, I developed expertise in mechanical
testing and failure analysis of materials. Under Prof. P.K. Mitra we developed a way to test the wear and
corrosion resistance of austempered ductile iron. The processing parameters and the heat treatment
parameters were systematically varied and their effect on the behavior of the metal was documented
using optical microscopy and corrosion testing methods. This allowed standardizing the heat treatment
cycle of ADI for application as crop cutting blades used in agriculture industry. This work is published in
the Indian Foundry Journal.
I would not be able to call myself a Metallurgical engineer if I did not get the opportunity to work in the
foundry under Prof. P.K Dutta as a foundry assistant for two year. In this role, I was responsible for
preparing sand molds and casting metal alloys, which would be used for various research work within
the department, so the chemistry and the microstructure had to be preside. This taught me to take care
of the intricate details to control the chemistry and the microstructure of the casting. I have also done
internship in two different steel plants. I was responsible for calculation and optimization of
desulfurization index of the blast furnaces at Vizag Steel Plant. At Durgapur Steel Plant, my role was
characterization and NDT testing of HSLA steel samples.
As a person, you will find me to be well spoken, energetic, confident, and personable. I am very eager to
learn new things. As the President of Association of Indian Students, I have leaded my group to organize
various charitable and cultural events.
Highlights of my credentials:
? PhD in Materials Science and Engineering with strong problem solving skills.
? Performed research on blast furnace and characterization of HSLA steel as Intern in steel plants.
? Two years of experience as an Undergraduate Foundry Assistant.
? Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
I hope that you will find my experience and interests intriguing enough to warrant a face-to-face
meeting, as I am confident that I could provide value to your company as a member of your team. I am
very excited about this opportunity to work for Federal-Mogul.
I can be reached anytime via my cell phone or email. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look
forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.
Subhojit Chakraborty