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Heart disease is a general name
for a variety of diseases, conditions and disorders that affect the heart and
the blood vessels. Symptoms of heart disease vary depending on the specific
type of heart disease. Congenital heart disease refers to a problem with the
heart’s structure and function due to abnormal heart development before birth. Coronary
heart disease or in its medical term Ischemic heart disease is the most frequent
type of heart problem. Coronary heart disease is a term that refers to damage
to the heart that happens because its blood supply is decreased, it leads to
the fatty deposits build up on the linings of the blood vessels that provide
the heart muscles with blood, resulting in them narrowing. Heart diseases
remain the biggest cause of deaths for the last two decades. The diagnosis of
heart disease depends on clinical and pathological data. Heart disease
prediction system can assist medical professionals in predicting heart disease
status based on the clinical data of patients. In biomedical field data mining
plays an essential role for prediction of diseases with interrelated symptoms
and signs especially when the patients suffer from more than one type of disease
of the same category. The physicians may not able to diagnose it correctly. .It
is also one of the fatal diseases in India which causes maximum casualties. The
diagnosis of this disease is intricate process. It should be diagnosed
accurately and correctly. Due to limitation of the potential of the medical
experts and their unavailability at certain places put their patients at high
risk. Normally, it is diagnosed using intuition of the medical specialist. Normally,
these diseases can be analyzed using intuition of the medical specialist and it
would be highly beneficial if the techniques used for analysis shall be
improved with the medical information system. At reduced cost, if a decision
support or computer based information system is developed then it will be
helpful for accurate diagnosis. By Using some data mining techniques heart
disease prediction can be made simple by using various characteristic to find
out whether the person suffers from heart attack or not, and it also takes less
time to for the prediction and improve the medical diagnosis of diseases With
good accuracy and minimizes the occurrence of heart attack. The data mining
techniques are very beneficial to predicting the various diseases in the
healthcare industry. Disease prediction plays most important role in the data
mining. Data Mining is a process of discovering interesting patterns and
knowledge from huge amount of data. It refers to extracting or mining knowledge
from large amount of data. Extracting knowledge it is also called knowledge
mining from data or knowledge extraction or Knowledge Discovery from Data
(KDD). The knowledge discovery process typically involves data cleaning, data
integration, data selection, data transformation, pattern discovery, pattern
evaluation and knowledge presentation. Nowadays, healthcare organization
generates a voluminous data that results lack of information to make the right
decision. Data mining techniques can be used to extract the needful information
from healthcare organizations.