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he theme I chose is gender roles, the reason why I chose this theme is because I see it taking place in Macbeth, 1984 and The boy in the striped pajamas. In this essay I will demonstrate how  Winston does not fit the gender roles placed on him, also how gender role had an effect on  Macbeth and lady Macbeth’s relationship and how lady Macbeth broke the gender stereotype of  her time, In the book 1984 there are few factors of the text that contradict the gender roles that  were actually in place in 1984. The characteristics that Winston has are not the typical  characteristics that a “male” would have. For centuries men have always been expected to  fearless, heroic, and strong but on the other hand Winston finds it hard to fight back which  makes him seem like a coward. “He abandoned the idea immediately, because even the thought of making any  physical effort was unbearable. He could not run, he could not strike a blow. Besides, she was  young and lusty and would defend herself”. (George Orwell, page 105) In one part of the book  Winston talks about suicide and how he believes it better to commit suicide before the thought  police kill them because it would be much easier to kill yourself then go through a brutal death  with the thought police.  The thought of suicide paints him as a weak and helpless person. “The proper thing was to kill yourself before they got you. Undoubtedly some people did so. Many of the disappearances were actually suicides” (George Orwell, page 106) Traditionally, men are not supposed to be easily controlled and are supposed to be strong-willed. In the novel, it seemed like Winston was under the control of Julia. The helpless role is usually played by a female but in this case, Winston plays that role. “At the sight of the words I love you the desire to stay alive had welled up in him, and the taking of minor risks suddenly seemed stupid”. (George Orwell, page 115)”Winston, at normal times the kind of person who gravitates to the outer edge of any kind of scrimmage, shoved, butted, squirmed his way forward into the heart of the crowd. Soon he was within arm’s length of the girl” (George Orwell, page 120). Winston’s character does not really exhibit the typical “male” gender role but he does represent the idea of gender roles changing so they are more fluid. On the other hand, he shows society that people can be freer with their choice, and they do not always have to stick with the frame they were set into the day they were brought into this world.          In Macbeth gender role had a huge effect on Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s relationship. Lady Macbeth also broke the gender stereotype of her time. Lady Macbeth was the type of woman who gave orders instead of taking them. During the time period that book was written, women were taught submissive behavior but Lady Macbeth had her own idea of how women should behave which was far removed from how women typically acted. During the first couple of acts of the play when Lady Macbeth was being introduced you could see the sense of dominance and power in her character over Macbeth who was her husband. This wasn’t the average stereotypical trait of a woman. Lady Macbeth distinguished herself as the dominant one in the relationship. For example, when Macbeth was a bit hesitant om how to manage King Duncan’s visit to their home, she was very quick to seize control by demanding Macbeth to let her take control of the situation. “Let me handle tonight’s preparations, because tonight will change every night and day for the rest of our lives.” (William Shakespeare 1,5,63) This was basically an example of how the gender roles are reversed as the men of our society are usually portrayed as being dominant to handling situations, not the women. In another part of the book Lady Macbeth indicated that she had to take on masculine characteristics as she drove her husband Macbeth towards murdering Duncan. In one of her speeches she talked about the issue, Lady Macbeth talked about her desire to lose her feminine qualities and gain masculine ones after she read her husband’s letter. “Come you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here; and fill me, from the crown to the toe, top-full of direst cruelty! Make thick my blood, stop up the access and passage to remorse, that no compunctious visiting of nature shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between the effect and it! Come to my woman’s breasts, and take my milk for gall” (William Shakespeare, 1.5.50) As Lady Macbeth started showing masculine qualities, Macbeth began to show feminine traits and started losing his masculine qualities. Clearly, gender is out of its traditional order.           The book I chose to write about that I believe contained the theme gender roles is The boy  in the striped Pajamas. The perpetuation of the tradition gender roles is present throughout the  novel and contributes to a lot of the misinformation and miscommunications between the  characters. The father is basically the ruler of the family, he is in charge of what the entire  family does and where they go. Bruno is the son who wants to grow up to be like his father but  feels disturbed in his relationship with his father because he sees how his father treats his  mother, Maria, the maid and the grandmother who furiously despise the father’s role in the Nazi  army. The mother often disagrees with the father’s choices, but as the woman in the relationship  she has to follow whatever decision is made by the father/husband. The mother is a positive  woman and she encourages her husband into his new job and when he gets the jobs she travels  all the way from her home which was berlin to the country side to be closer to her husband  because that was where his job was. Her husband begins to treat her with no respect when she  finds out that her husband was killing Jews, she immediately gets upset and wants her and her  children to move. She wanted to move because she felt that it wasn’t a nice environment for her  family to grow up in. “Just horrible, I can’t stand it anymore” Mother said, “We don’t have any  choice” (John Boyne, 187). From this quote you can see that the mother has no say and that the father is ignoring her wishes to leave the new home. Another situation that took place in the novel that showed the theme of gender role is when Gretel tried to fit in. Gretel was Bruno’s sister in the novel, not only was she a female that had no power but she was a child. Gretel tried to fit in by follow the war movements and by becoming prejudice against the Jewish race and believing that Germans were more superior. “Gretel stayed in her room concentrating on the various maps she had pasted on the walls and consulting the newspaper” (John Boyne, 188). This