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Having your first car can become one of your primary objectives in the short or medium term; This experience is as essential as it is decisive since it implies a series of responsibilities before, during and after acquiring your vehicle.If you have made this critical decision, you should consider some relevant aspects that allow you to choose a car that meets your personal or family needs, with natural purchasing power, providing you with the security and support you desire.Recommendations that you should keep in mind The vehicle you want to buy must be adjusted to your lifestyle, a car or a truck, for example, will be your primary options according to the type of road you frequent.Make sure you have enough income to cover the expenses that your vehicle requires, whether it is new or used, your maintenance will always be your priority.Look for vehicles of recognized brands; this will give you greater security.Find out about the news offered by the market, so you can quickly identify the car of your choice.Take into account fuel consumption, see what kind of cars allow you to save according to their characteristics.Do not get carried away by the first impressions, take the time necessary to make your choice, without pressure.   Buy a new or used vehicle?The offers in the market are extensive, this allows you to choose between buying a new car or buying a used one; These are some of the tips we have for you:If you want to buy a new vehicle, we invite you to compare the cars of your preference; so you can know in detail the technical specifications and the equipment offered by each one. Also, do not hesitate to ask your sales consultant for the type of guarantee in effect for your purchase, benefits, and restrictions.Some brands allow you to do road tests, take this opportunity to analyze the behavior of the vehicle.Remember that several benefits are waiting for you if you decide to buy zero kilometers.If you choose to purchase a used vehicle, take into account the technical and legal expertise that supports the purchase and avoid future problems. Check the availability of spare parts and accessories for the brand and model.Observe in detail the internal and external state of the vehicle and avoid surprises.Review the documentation; it must be complete and updated. Demand SOAT, property card, mechanical, technical revision and original tax payment receipts.How to choose snow chains for your carIf you do not want to have to turn on the road when it starts to snow or risk an accident, it is best that you learn everything you need to choose and place the snow chains on the tires of your car.Is it necessary to use chains when traveling in the snow?The principle that governs the operation of snow chains is the same as that of the cleats on the footballers’ boots: to dig into the ground and avoid the sliding of a surface that, if it were not for them, would be too much. Flat to hold on.The experts recommend the chains only in the cases in which it is going to be occasionally driven by snowed lands or frozen, that is to say, like an exceptional measurement. If, on the other hand, it is usual to turn on these types of roads, it is best to change the tires when the cold season arrives and change the summer tires for winter tires. This kind of rubber has a much higher grip and does not require the use of chains.What snow chains do I choose?Currently, there are chains on the market for all tastes, needs, and preferences. The most important thing is that, before buying them, we pay attention to the measurements of our wheels, which appear on the technical sheet of the vehicle and the sides of the tires. These measures are the diameter of the casing, the height of its profile and the width of the rim, and we must stick to them or, otherwise, the chains will not work. Next, we will see the different options that the market offers us.- Traditional chains: made with steel links that interlock and wrap around the tire. They usually include tensioners to keep them stuck to the casing, and their structure can be transverse or diamond. They are durable and cheap, although they can be somewhat complicated to put on, noisy, they transmit enough vibrations to the steering and can damage the tires of the car. They are recommended for those who want to take them in the car only in case of an unforeseen event, usually not having to use them.- Traditional chains: textile chains: they have become the favorite of drivers who do not face this situation generally because of its excellent installation comfort, high performance, and reasonable price. Their behavior is practically the same as those of steel links, but they are installed more easily, merely covering the tire with a canvas cover fixed with rubber bands, and also do not transmit vibrations to the steering or make noise. The counterpart is that they last very little, and deteriorate very quickly as soon as they roll on asphalt. They are recommended for drivers who foresee their occasional use.- Traditional chains: composite chains: they constitute a medium-term between textiles and steel links since their structure is that of a conventional chain, but with relationships formed by a textile network. Its operation is impeccable, and practically not noticeable in driving. They are quick and straightforward to install, as well as very durable. Its price is higher than the previous ones. They are recommended for drivers who have to use them on many occasions throughout the year.Keys to hire your car insurance online: Tips for newbiesIf you intend to engage a car insurance with a mediator, in your office, do not bother looking at a comparator. Many companies have bonuses for contracting online. And the prices are based on some coverages that the comparison sets, coverages that, on the other hand, are only partially customizable. The amount of the comparator is not the final price either. In fact, at the moment of truth, many of the offers are not as competitive as they seemed when you request the last information.# 2 – Get all the data right, paying attention to what they ask you. For example, there is a big difference in the price if you have had some car insurance to your name in the two years before or not. The insurer can easily find These data, so it is useless to lie.# 3 – Put the insurance in the owner’s name, even if there is another driver, also if that person is the primary driver or even the only one. Some guarantees do not allow you to ensure the vehicle on behalf of another person who is not the owner, so they do not give you a budget and, consequently, do not appear in the comparator. And, if you are a woman, as it is my case, you will find individual insurance for you, with coverage for all drivers over 26 years old without the need to declare them, even if they are men (I will not tell you more).# 4 – Check the coverage table well, not just the price. The comparators show each coverage (such as limits or conditions) and what optional extensions you have available. Check that what you want is what they offer you.# 5 – Finish the budget request process of the proposals that most convince you, both for price and coverage (in this case, although the amount does not entirely fit). The last comparison should be made with the final offer.About us:Being the automobile the most common form of transportation among the inhabitants of Mexico, it would be apparent to imagine that most of the owners of a car have insurance. However, it is not the reality for 84% of the population, according to the data official.