Have attraction site to visit. One of the

Have you
ever wanted to be free from all those same old routine in the big city? For instance
always looking down at your phone, spending many money on happiness that last a
minute, or even just a little break from the work that you have done this year.
Sometimes you just want to take a rest from all of that, take your heart and
your body to somewhere that you can enjoy more than staring at your phone all
day. Don’t you want to feel the nature of the mountains surrounding you and calming
your mind and your soul from the big city? Kiriwong village is the answer! You
can be relax while having nature surrounding you and also warm welcome from the
villager living there.


village is located in the southern part of Thailand at Kulon district, Lan saka
District, Nakhon Si Thammarat. The villager’s main occupation are planting
fruits and making them into sweets with using the fruits for example durian,
mangosteen, and rambutan. Before Kiriwong village is just a regular village but
after the flood on 1981 hundreds of houses and farm were destroyed. Because of
this event the village was damaged so the villagers joined the group to develop
a new village. Now on the present days Kiriwong village develop and became an ecotourism
site. Kiriwong village is known for having the purest ozone in Thailand not
only that but also having many attraction site to visit.

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One of the
many attraction is the beautiful clear waterfall. There the waterfall is open
for everyone to come play. There will be children playing or some dog around the
area and little cute fishes swimming here and there. The house there would be a
homestay style for you to really feel the nature around you. Kiriwong villager’s
food is also good if you have a chance to try you should. Or you would like to
walk in farm of fruits where there is many types of fruits that is planted
there. Watch and buy OTOP products of many group of villager such as group
dying the ties, group of using the coconut shell to make up a usable product, group
that does durian paste and group that mix all the herbs to become a medicine.
The product quality is very high and the taste is very good.


 Another highlight of the village is the
tourist attraction is the scenery of nature. Kiriwong village is surrounded by
mountains, forests and streams. Not only does the tourist place is beautiful but also latent
knowledge of folk wisdom. Traveling to Kiriwong Village about 30 kilometers from Nakhon Si
Thammarat, take Highway 4016, go about 9 kilometers, turn left on Highway 4015
for about 20 kilometers. On the right hand side there will be a sign to Kiriwong
village 4 kilometers. Or take a minibus from the long market in Amphoe Mueang
out of the car from 07:00 to 16:00 pm. Price 30 baht.





conclusion Kiriwong Village a 300-year-old authentic village that still exist
today. After a flood event that wash away Kiriwong village the villager have
their own solutions and later became a self-reliant community. It is very admirable
to be able to stand again even though they have experience such a harsh nature on
the village. Local-wise products or OTOP, arts and crafts, their unique traditions,
and nature that still attract people from everywhere to come visit Kiriwong
village and to learn its way of life and wisdom. Kiriwong means ‘In the middle of the mountains’ and
just like the meaning of the village it is surrounded by mountain and nature
with refreshing clear stream. Come to Kiriwong village and you will experience
a whole new world in this little village full of life.