All room containing the PC, so I will

All the above data types will be used throughout the worksheets, as hopefully they will help to improve the visual layout and organise the information, data. The formulas with perform all calculations automatically. Ideally as many macros as possible will be used to help improve speed, as this will play a crucial role in the production of the excel worksheets. Combined with the data structures and data collection my spreadsheet will be created.

Is it worth producing the spreadsheet? As mentioned in Identify, my dad currently does not have an efficient method to track his share prices, as all the data is recorded by hand on paper. This means he is uncertain how he is doing, as many calculations cannot be done regularly. Decisions on when to buy and sell are also extremely tough as my dad lacks the resources and the latest news. The new spreadsheet will hopefully resolve all these problems and make tracking and organizing the shares a lot better.

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Currently my user’s PC matches all required specifications. With this machine I will have no problems running most softw re. I will be using MS Office 97 on MS Win 98 operating system. The printer will be capable of doing 10 pages per minute and the modem will be used to access the Internet and real player. Currently my user has a satellite Arial going into the room containing the PC, so I will add a PCI TV Card to the machine so that my user may connect up the satellite and view CNBC Market Channel, to have access to the latest news and share quotes. Evaluation Introduction My system has been created, tested and the faults have been highlighted. My system was not flawless and due to a lack of time I could not remove any mistakes. However, I successfully managed to do the following.

As good as the facilities I listed above were, I failed to take into consideration that the system could not be used at all unless my user was connected to the Internet. Using the pen paper system however, my user could calculate profits without the use of the Internet. This was a huge flaw in my design. As a result when the system was opened up without being connected to the Internet, many run time errors occurred, making it very user-unfriendly!

What my users final thoughts were? My user was not to put off by the fact the spreadsheet could not be opened up without the Internet, as he said he had access to the Internet all the time. He said the front-end was very user-friendly as it appeared to him like a normal application with simple instructions. He liked the idea of only having 2 worksheets as he said it simplified his task. He liked where the graphs were placed and said now that it was on computer he could easily track and update values all the time and predict future prospects from the graphs.

My user liked the way he could easily enter the values at which he bought the shares at by simply following the instructions and entering single values, as previously all calculations would have to be redone. To round up my spreadsheet the user commented, “It is very user-friendly and simple for the tasks which would previously have taken me minutes not seconds! However it lacks the ability to work whilst being connected to the Internet, so this is a major drawback.”

Conclusion Overall I feel that my solution is not a 100 % effective and that my user is a lot more satisfied with it than I am. To finish I will compare what I achieved, with what I said I was going to do in my identify section, shown below. My dad has asked me to create an Excel Spreadsheet, which will track his share prices, as currently the quotes are only being recorded on paper, making it extremely difficult to plot graphs etc and manage it efficiently.

However hopefully I will overcome this problem and allow easy automatic calculations through MS Excel. Also my user is not certain when to sell and buy shares so I will make an automated process in which my spreadsheet will decide when to take action by informing the user. Hyperlinks will be used to take the user to news on shares etc, to help make decisions on whether to buy and sell. A yearly graph on the company’s shares will be present with the visual basic program, which will be updated automatically.

My user is new to MS Excel, so I will need to make it as automatic as possible. Track his share prices – I successfully got share prices from the Internet to allow tracking. Plot graphs – I created a graph for each individual company. Automatic calculations – All calculations were automatic. Sell and buy shares so I will make an automated process – I made an automatic system and at a click of a button my user was advised. Hyperlinks will be used to take the user to news on shares – I created Hyperlinks to each sites default homepage. I completed all that I intended and what my user wanted me to do successfully, but failed to satisfy myself.