Handi sector is providing employment to 68.86 lakh

Handi crafts means  something is made by hand.This sector has a
unique role in terms of employment generation and contribution to the foreign
exchange earnings. This sector preserve cultural value of the country and
provides employment to artisans around all over the country but there are many
loopholes in this sector such as illiterate labour, use of less technology,
lack of marketing  strategy and passive
attitude towards competition and poor organization.Handicrafts is the
unorganized sector in India. This sector is providing employment to 68.86 lakh
artisans and export  RS 20869.29 crore
upto oct. 2016. The handicraft industry of India is a major source of earning
of rural people,women and weaker section of the society. The export from this
sector goes to U.S, U.K, the U.A.E, Germany, france, Latin American countries,
Italy, the Netherlands , Canada and Australia. In 2001, a geographical information system portal had been  launched to provide the information  and data relating to handicrafts for various
agencies and artisans who directly and indirectly involved in this sector. This
effort  enhanced  the competitiveness of this sector in the post
liberalization era. The citizen charter and service charter had been made for
the office of the development commissioner ( Handicrafts) and regional design
and technical development centre so that quality  and information  can be assured for the clients in 2001-02.
The office of the development commissioner set up various training centers for
the craftsman and artisans.(2000-01 MTR). National Handicraft development
programme(NHDP)  is a popular scheme
govern by the office of the development commissioner and this scheme has
various sub scheme to promote and development of handicrafts sector such as
Ambedkar Hastshilp Vikas Yojna, Dastkaar shashktikaran Yojna, mega cluster,
design and technical upgradation, marketing support and services,research and
development etc. (2016-17 MTR)  There are
wide publicity measures for the handicrafts 
such as exhibitions, poster, catalogue etc.. A handicrafts week is
celebrated  during 8-15 dec. every year
to promote  and popularize the handicraft