Hack tips to help you develop a

Hack a healthy
lifestyle with these 10 tips

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Getting healthy isn’t just about
exercising or eating right, it’s about making lasting changes to achieve a
better you and sticking to it. Here are 10 tips to help you develop a better
daily more positive daily routine that can help to improve fitness, diet and
overall quality of life.


1.     Scrape your tongue
to remove toxins

Sounds gross right but it’s one to
add to your morning mouth routine as studies show that
scrapping your tongue removes bacteria and helps to fight bad breath. There is
also evidence that this practice helps to boost your immune system.


2.     Smell the skin of
an orange for a natural mood booster.

Boost your mood and wake up less
grumpy in the morning without chugging countless cups of coffee or doing high
intensity exercises though that last one is great for your health. It sounds
strange but this simple natural solution has
been proven to reduce stress and make you feel more alert. 


3.     Jump start your day
with a lemon

Drink a glass of fresh lemon in
water or lemon oil in water first thing every morning and you’ll start feeling
a world of difference. This quick and easy trick
flushes toxins from your system, activates your metabolism and keeps your
digestive system working properly. A glass of lemon water is also a great
addition for people on a diet or people with
other fitness goals and because it only requires
two simple ingredients you can do it yourself.


4.     Fancy up a water
bottle to guzzle more

A common issue for many people is
not getting enough water on a daily basis, in fact many people walk around
dehydrated to some degree without even realizing it. To combat that issue and ensure
that you find the time in your busy scheduled to
get enough water, use a marker to write time intervals on a clear water bottle
as a reminder. This is a quick
and easy do it yourself solution to ensure
that you stay healthy enough to be your best self-every day.


5.     Take a stretch

It’s been proven that sitting at a
desk all day every day can be harmful to your health. Combine that with the
midday slump after a hectic morning plus a big lunch and you add low
productivity and low energy to the mix which can affect overall mood as well as
attitude. An easy solution to finding the time to
stretch for five minutes every few hours. This quick
and easy trick gets your blood flowing which boosts energy and focuses
your mind on a new task which helps to clear your head.



6.     Swap green tea for
your first cup of coffee.

Natural products like green tea provide a gentler wake up for the body than
coffee which depending on brand and type can be jarring for some. With green
tea your energy won’t spike as easily but you also won’t suffer from the
caffeine crash that usually comes around mid-morning.

7.     Add more fruit to
your diet.

Like water, most people don’t get
enough fruit in their diets which can be
detrimental to health and mental wellness. Which is a shame because fruits tend
to contain important minerals, nutrients and antioxidants not to mention
roughage and precious water which we already know many people don’t get enough


8.     Portion control
your snacks

If you always find yourself craving
sweet treats like chips and cookies, chocolates or pretzels then portion out
your snacks into smaller baggies. This reduces your urge to overeat and for
added difficulty only allow yourself a mini snack after accomplishing some form
of goal like exercise or weekly food prep.


9.     Pre-prep your
lunches for a healthier you

With work, family and just life in
general, it can be hard to find the time to do things like eating a healthy
lunch. Most people end up just buying something fast and cheap which is
oftentimes unhealthy and can become costly over time. If you take the time do it yourself you make meals that can serve for
several days and more importantly you can make exactly what you want every time
and keep still keep your fitness goals in check.


Take the time to meditate and check in with yourself

It’s important to take a moment each
day or a few moments to see how you feel, to ask yourself, “How am I doing?”
When dealing with the beautiful hectic mess that is life it can be easy to lose
yourself in the task at hand and that’s just as bad for your health as any
fatty food.


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