Guwahati it or hate it,but can not

Guwahati is the largest cosmopolitan city of assam. Being rich in different tribes,historic places and temples,you will find a taste of every corner of north-east here itself.Guwahati is a paradise for foodies having no.s of restaurants,hotels,stalls etc. You can either love it or hate it,but can not ignore? it. Such is Guwahati’s street food. So,here goes top 10 affordable,awesome and amazing version of Guwahati’s street food. 1.MomoMomos are small steamed dumplings of white flour with some form of filling that is a combination of vegetables,paneer or meat. You will notice several stalls of momo in all across the city at a reasonable price.2. BiriyaniBiriyani is popular throughout the Indian subcontinent, made of species,rice,meat or egg. Many affordable restaurants and biriyani centres are available to serve you the mouth watering biriyani here.3. EggWhen you just have some coins on your pocket but hungry as a wolf; boiled,poached egg or omelet gets the priority obviously. The city streets will never disappoint you in such situations as you will meet many egg sellers at any time.4. Pani puriThis name is enough to make you go bananas. Commonly knows as ‘fuska’ over here,it consists of a round,hollow puri,fried crisp and filled with a mixture of flavoured water,tamarind chutney,chilli,chaat masala,potato,onion.5. ChaatChaat is a savory snack which is immensely popular as one of the best street foods. Aloo chaat,aloo tikki,bhelpuri,dahi puri,dahi-wada,pakora etc are the different types. No.s of chaat houses are present all over Guwahati to fulfill your love for spicy food.6. TandooriIt is a dish prepared by roasting meat(chicken,mutton etc),momo,roti and so on marinated in yoghurt and spices in tandoor,a cylindrical clay oven. Some lip smacking centres of tandoori are serving heavenly tasted tandoori at reasonable price.7. RollRoll is a popular street snack of Guwahati.veg roll,egg roll,chicken roll are its different types.8. Bhel puriIt is a type of chaat made of puffed rice,vegetables and a tangy tamarind sauce garnished with onion,coriander and lemon juice commonly known as ‘jhalmuri’ here. Bhelpuri is usually served in a paper folded in the form of a cone and is consumed using a paper spoon.9. Ice-golaWith the summer season,there comes the demand for ice-golas prepared from crushed ice flavoured with colours. These are popular as ‘barf ka gola’ or ‘chuski’ or ‘gola ganda’,can bring out the child in everyone.10. Soda or nimbu paniIt is the most preferred and favourite drink of people in guwahati. Unbeatable summer heat makes everyone to drink it. Mostly known as lamonade among urban people,nimbu pani is available at a vey low price.