1. to date is the acoustic guitar.

1. The guitar is among the oldest musical instruments used in various ancient musical performances. This magnificent musical instrument was popular during early times of Persia, in many Middle Eastern countries and Rome (Guitar history). However, the experienced progress and advancement of this instrument lies entirely on concerts, recital halls and ordinary individuals who adopted it as a convenient and lively accompaniment to their folk music. During these times, most of the greatest players were either Spanish or Italian.

Their performances were overwhelming thus received passionately in various countries. The performances were a form of inspiration to many thus reviving both local and foreign interests on the musical instrument. A good example explicating such instance is the life experience of Fernando Sor, regarded as among of the topmost performers in the recent past.

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The structure of a guitar takes a certain form that makes it suitable for its use. The Spanish six-string guitar, for example, is the most expressive and adaptable among the many types. It is also the most advanced in terms of construction and technique.

Different guitar manufacturers produce dissimilar models of the instrument that often sound quite different. One of the best guitar models manufactured to date is the acoustic guitar. This magnificent guitar has a long life span, and designs have slightly changed over past decades. Popular guitar manufacturers within United States (US) constitute the Gibson Company and the CF Martin Company (CF Martins & co.). The two companies specialise in the manufacture of flattop guitars designed specifically for steel strings.

2. Many scholars refer music as a form of art considered common among all cultures, since it helps people communicate ideas or emotions. There are many kinds of music played using different models of the guitar that suit different occasions and at the same time appeal to a wide range of audience. Throughout the ‘world music’ peripheries, songwriters are also performers working through a mixture of oral and studio techniques, either relatively alone, as a singer or in bands and more or less complex collaborations.

Some of the most famous and professional guitarists include the celebrated legend of reggae music, Bob Marley, acoustic sensation Indiana Arie, Eric Clapton, John Williams and Australian Tommy Emmanuel, whose songs are listened repeatedly for insight, understanding, daily reflection and inspiration (Eric Clapton).

3. According to Scott, one final and significant development in the evolution of the guitar is the increasing attention given to musical (guitar) composers. Guitar composers often wrote extremely complex and extensive compositions.

The 21st century has experienced a flood of the original guitar music in every compositional style and genre, as well as transcriptions of compositions by both minor and proficient composers from all periods. Some of the famous and successful guitar composers of the 21st century include Eric Clapton famous for rock and roll songs and Carlos Santana known for jazz fusion (guitarprotege.com).

4. Famous pieces composed and performed using guitars include Andrea Lauren Brown’s musical works. She has a number of triumphant recordings to her credit (naxos.com). Other famous pieces for guitar include various songs in Palomo’s works, Jade Eru’s album and Rost Monica’s album. Additionally, another famous piece performed using the guitar is ‘Ordinary People’ by Johnny Legend (johnlegend.com).

5. Orchestras have also been a tool for entertaining guests in many places, especially provincial theatres. Famous in this category include Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ (fororchestra.com). Another famous orchestra is Duke Ellington known for his metropolitan opera house (itunes.apple.com).

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