Growing thoroughly developing an understanding of the basics

Growing up
in an urban middle class family in India, I had an exposure to diverse
cultural, economic and social backgrounds. And in my spare time, I used to sit
next to my grandfather, whose hobby was to “repair radios and old televisions”,
struggling to understand what those beautiful green boards with tiny building
like structures were! My grandfather, was a punched card operator in his early
years. Although he explaining the 1’s and 0’s didn’t strike a chord with me
back then, what did it for me was the fact that the evolution of computers is
definitely the past, present and future. After my grade 10 boards, I
undoubtedly chose to study science in my grade 11 and 12. And since I opted to
take up Computer Science as a supplement subject, I was even more intrigued to
study about hardware.  Electronics has
made, and has been making lives of billions easier. So when the time came for
me to decide upon my career, I without a doubt chose Electronics and
Communication Engineering, in Manipal University Jaipur.

those beautiful electromagnetic signals flowing in and out of those tall BTSs,
the ones and zeroes stacked in their solid packets hopping from one node to the
other and those eight legged ICs webbed in wires to turn 0’s into 1’s and vice
versa, always had me captivated. I spent the first two years of my college
thoroughly developing an understanding of the basics of electronics and
communication. In my third year, I joined a 45 hour course on Internet of
Things, conducted by Forsk Technologies, and over a period of about 6 months I
completed over 13 projects based on Internet of Things through the company. IoT
is now seeing its application in almost every possible field- agriculture to
medicine. This inspired me to do my minor project on a WiFi enabled heart rate

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While I
was exploring on the application of IoT in medicine, I stumbled upon an article
about how artificial intelligence and machine learning too can in fact play a
crucial role in the field of medicine (such as artificial noses). I also
presented a seminar on introduction to neural networks in my University. In
addition to this, I completed a certification on Coursera in Digital Image
Processing, which is of immense importance in medical imaging. With my father
being associated with a pharmaceutical company, I grew up understanding the
need of development of hospitals, with improvement in medical instrumentation
facilities all over the world. I understood the need of affordable, green
technologies that can improve the current state of all such institutions. Thus,
on completion of my BTech, I wish to work in incorporation of IoT and
self-learning in medical instruments. The application of IoT and machine
learning in biomedical development can’t be merely contained in one paragraph.
From remote health care monitoring, online consulting doctor, to remote
surgical procedures, development of affordable technology will help people in
rural areas as well.

Apart from
academics, I was an active member of Society for Promotion of Indian Classical
Music and Culture amongst Youth. It is a nongovernmental organization that
works towards conservation of Indian culture. I volunteered for various events
conducted under the banner. I also served as the General Secretary of the music
society of the university in the academic year 2016-17.

The reason
I am aspiring to complete my Master’s degree in University of Texas Arlington can’t
just be justified by stating that it is one of the most popular Universities
offering the precise blend of subjects I want to master in. It undoubtedly
offers one of the best research facilities where I can grow as an engineer.
Projects such as BrainEE, APSEN and HTKS undertaken by “Heracleia
Human-Centered Computing Lab”, further encouraged me to apply here.
Furthermore, guidance of professors such as Prof. Gergely Zaruba, will sure get
my a few more steps closer to my ambition. As evident as it is in my
transcripts, I will continue to prove to be a consistent performer in
academics. Apart from academics, I would also love to volunteer for assisting
the needy through UTA Volunteers. On a concluding note, with the right amount
of education, research facilities and humanitarian concern embedded in UTA, I
am more than sure that if I get an opportunity to pursue my Master’s degree
here, I would transform into a better human, who can contribute a few 1’s and
0’s in the endless string in the world of innovation.