Recommendations fax or e-mailed the information you

Recommendations for future: I would make sure that the address on the business card is set out in the proper way. I would laminate it and make people interested in what the company is running and make more people come to their store. I would make the font size bigger so people would not need to bend down to see what is on the business card. This business card is half the size of a hand. This business tells the customers the company name, address, telephone number and the persons name how runs it. This card has got no logo.

On the company name it has got a rose at the word “HOUSE” on the letter “O. The company name is coloured in the colour green. The word “GREEN HOUSE” is in capital letters. This business card tells the customers that the business sells flowers. The customers know this because it gives many clues such as the rose. The word “TELEFLORIST” is in capital letters. This is written at the bottom right hand corner of the business card. On top of this there is a bird. The bird is coloured in the colour green. The background colour is coloured in the white and green.

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Good Points: The title on the card is bright and is spreaded out in the possible way. It makes more interested in what the company is selling and buying. The address is set out properly so people know where to go when they are lost in the outskirts of England. The important thing I think on the business card is that it tells the customer’s what they are selling in their own store. It has got a telephone number so their customer’s can contact them on their number.

Bad Points: On it does not have a logo so people know what they are looking for when they see the company’s logo. It also has got one contact number. The more people ring in the more busy it is going to be and the more longer it will take to get throw to one person how is taking the phone calls. Recommendations for future: Choose one logo and put it on the business card (make sure it has got something to do with the company). Get a fax number, e-mail address so people can contact them. If the telephone number is busy they can fax it or e-mail it to the company rather then waiting till it is your turn to talk on the phone. Will you wait you could have fax or e-mailed the information you wanted to know.

Letters: Description: NHS: The letter is on A4 paper. It tells the client why they have wrote and telling some personal information that the client needed to know. It tells the client the company name, telephone number, fax number and website address. This information is underneath the company name. It shows the client one logo. The logo is coloured in the colour black and white. The black colour has been blocked in a area. It is making the white colour stand out. The colour white is used in the company name. The company name is in capital letters.

The clients name and address is on the top left hand side of the letter. Above the clients name and address it has got a number. The number is “54232.” The background is a plain white colour. Good Points: The title of the letter is good because it standards out, so people can see it easily. The telephone number, fax number and website address are told by the company. If they got a problem or a compliant they can use these to talk to people. The company is open at long hours, so more people can come in at any time as they wish. It also explains why the letter is written. The company has got a logo for the company. They language used is easy to read and understand.

Bad Points: The font of the writing is too small. It makes people come closer to make them see it. The letter has not been signed. It does not show how has written the letter. Recommendations for future: I would make the font size big so people can see it easily and they then won’t need to come closer to make them see it. I would make the writer sign the letter. The letter needs to have the persons name on it so the other person knows how has written it.