Green green energy: It is hard to keep


Green Energy is comes from natural resources like sunlight, wind, rain, geothermal heat, plants, etc… This energy can be build with diminutive pollution it’s far more environmentally friendly than other types of energy.

These energy resources are renewable. Renewable energy means the energy which is collected from renewable resources.

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Types Of green energy:


It is hard to keep tracking on all energies that are in development now days. Let’s have a look on most common 6 types of green energy.


Solar Power:


Solar power is the fastest growing energy in world wide. It is produced by collecting sunlight and converting into electric energy (electricity). It is done by solar panels.

Wind Power:


Wind power is non polluted source of energy. Simply wind is convert in to electricity with the help of wind turbine. Wind power is an efficient and cost effective source of renewable energy.



Hydropower is a renewable source energy which is made by stored water in dam. A rotating blade spin generator converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Geothermal Energy:


Earth’s Heat can be used in many ways. This energy known as geothermal energy. We can use this heat as steam or as hot water to generate electricity. There are main three types of geothermal energy system use and direct heating system 2.Electricity generation power plant. 3. Geothermal heat pump.




Biomass energy is produced by wood, yard clippings, municipal solid waste etc… it is a sustainable source of energy derived from organic matter and can be used to generate electricity and other forms of power.

Bio fuels:


A bio fuel is a fuel that is produced with biological processes with living plants materials and animal waste.  Bio fuels are greener, more environmentally-friendly alternatives to ordinary fuels such as petrol and oil.

Renewable energy technologies are hygienic sources of energy that have a much lesser environmental bang than conservative energy technologies.

Strain of global warming and climate change are actual, and their effects are disagreeable. Scientists have been able to prove that climate change is not a parable but realism. It is, therefore, significant to avoid this occurrence and keep the planet safer. Green energy results in less pollution and has negligible unenthusiastic belongings on the surroundings. It reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere and minimizes the greenhouse effect. Going green would thus moderate the effects of global warming and climate change.