Government. the effects of cigarette smoking to the

Government. The result of
the study can help the government to enhance their awareness of the effects of
cigarette smoking to the society and will serve as their guide in planning and
making policies to promote programs that can help the whole community.

            Cigarette Users and Students. This
will be a great help for the cigarette users and students to understand and be
aware of the possible effects of smoking to their health and how harmful it is
to protect them from disasters.

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            Teachers. This
study will help the teachers to encourage young people not to engage in any
harmful activities and will serve as their guide to develop trainings for the
young teenagers.

            Future Researchers. This will serve
as a reference and valuable means of information for the future researchers
that may take similar study in this investigation. The findings and results of
the research could provide information, data and ideas to the future
researchers to make their study more precise.


Definition of Terms

easy understanding, the following terms were defined conceptually and

            Cigarette Smoking. It
is the inhalation of the smoke of burning cigarette. Also, it is a multi-determined
behavior, influenced by different factors. The researchers will focus on the
four factors (social, environmental, cognitive, genetic factors) of cigarette
smoking to ensure the specificity of the variable.

            Cigarette Users.
It refers to the people who are influenced and affected on the factors
discussed. The researchers will know how many people are being exposed to
cigarette smoking.

            Death Rate. It
is the ratio of deaths to the population calculated as the number of deaths per
one thousand people per year. The researchers will use the death rate as the
dependent variable in testing the hypothesis of the study.