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Good news has been revealed that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia will declare about tourist visas in line with 2030 vision, which is driven by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who sees that the tourism is an important economic factor that has been ignored in the last decade. Supporting this decision, the crown prince announced three huge tourist projects which are Al Qadeya Entertainment City, Red Sea Project, and Neum city. Due to this, opinions varied from person to person locally and globally. Locally, most of the old people in Saudi Arabia refuse these changes because they think that our customs and traditions will be in danger of changing also. On the other hand, the majority of Saudi Arabia’s population is the youth, most of whom believed that how people think regarding the change, regarding the new Saudi Arabia must be changing and that people must start accepting the new tendency of Saudi Arabia. Globally, most people are excited to explore and discover Saudi Arabia and its secrets more closely than before. In my book, I think that the tourist visas and the huge three projects are very important steps to develop the economy of the country. In this essay, I am going to talk why tourists should visit Saudi Arabia and the variance of the opinions regarding Al Qadeya City, Red Sea Project, and Neum City.

         To begin with, Al Qadeya Entertainment project is recently announced by the crown prince, which is foreseen to be the biggest entertainment city in the Middle East. It satisfies all entertainment desires including safari and cinemas. Even though some people think that improving the entertainment is not as important as improving health services and educational institutions, I see that we should focus on every aspect to improve our country. In addition, projects like Al Qadeya will benefit the economy of the government in the long run. Subsequently, those people who oppose Al Qadeya will see that the profits of Al Qadeya city assist the government to improve the health services and educational institutions simultaneously. Furthermore, safari included in the project is an important event because bringing animals from all around the world and having got them along with new environmental conditions is unexpected and interesting. Thus, if they succeeded achieving that, the city would gain more reputation, and more tourists are expected to come.

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         Secondly, Red Sea project is a magnificent and huge project. The area of the project is about 34,000 square kilometers and includes more than 50 pristine islands. Also, the project will be a leading coastal destination, located on many of pristine islands, which no one has discovered it, in the Red Sea. Besides the project, the ruins of Madain Saleh, which are characterized by its beauty and historical importance, are located. Visitors will also be able to discover hidden treasures in the Red Sea project, including a natural reserve to discover the variety of flora and fauna in the area. Moreover, adventurers will be able to travel between the dormant volcanoes located next to the project area, and divers will be able to discover the plentiful coral reefs in the surrounding seawaters. Because crown prince said in an interview that rules applied in the area of the project will be different from those applied in Saudi Arabia, many people objected this decision saying that it will harm our religion, such as that alcohol will be available. So, the crown prince said in another interview that anything that will harm our religion will be prohibited by law. In my opinion, this project is an important step in the history of tourism globally.        Thirdly, “this project is for dreamers only” Mohammed bin Salman said. Neum city, which is announced in late 2017, is a special project with unique identity. Impressively, the project possesses beautiful terrains, such as pristine beaches extending over 460 km from the Red Sea coast, picturesque mountains viewing the Red Sea and covered with snow summits during the winter, and the ideal desert stretching in its serenity and beauty. Moreover, the project is expected to be cross-border, including Egypt and Jordan. So, it will be the first private area in the world that is belonged to 3 different countries. Also, it has its own laws and rules, which are determined by investors who want to invest in the project. In my estimation, I support this project strongly which will transport Saudi Arabia to be an attractive place for human beings, and I think Neum will be the best place to live on ever.

         In conclusion, such huge and impressive projects like these projects will be fantastic and unforgettable destinations for tourists who want to explore what Saudi Arabia is. I see that tourists should live the experience by themselves not by asking people who has been to Saudi Arabia because the country is improving and updating in an unbelievable manner.