Going to the movie theatre with family and/or family to watch that one latest Disney film is something everyone can relate to. Have you ever wonder how much work goes into an animated film? The animation and the production itself takes time to create the quality imagery for others to love and remember it by. Besides the animation aspect, just think how it all started with an idea in someone’s head. Let’s come understand that animation is a big project that needs to be a big success with all the necessary reading and writing.   With my own creations, I find it helps to develop characters by writing scripts and stories rather than just drawing. I give details and all the necessary actions when scripting along with a friend. I plan out the characters as well before I include them in my stories by putting such information about their past, their personality and their appearance. When all of that is planned out am able to illustrate them.   Scripted writing is essential in animation and can be very difficult especially since everything has to connect with different people collaborating on the creation. The writers share with the animators to sort it out into parts. For example, the creator of Treasure Planet, Robert Louis, was the 15th writer on the project of treasure planet and he ran through obstacles to have this idea to be heard, though he had to be lucky if his ideas were and were be still in the studio by next month. Even though he didn’t progress through this movie idea, he successful make his own creation since as Bambi and Cinderella.  So the writing does do big with making a person successful and well known.   With animation comes with preparation such as writing the story, have producers review it, managing expectations of other writers into the story, write and provide notes to the animations and storyboard, rewriting the story with each scene, writing scripts for the live actors to use, navigating story artists, contriving the obstacles on writing the animation and then see the visualization.