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Garrett HammillMrs. PowersEnglish 1119 December 2017 Scene JustificationScene: Laertes’ departure: Act 1 scene 3 The scene of Laertes departure starts inside of Polonius’s chambers where Laertes getting ready to return to his school back in France. This scene shows the importance of how a family is important to each other, going along with that it shows how Polonius runs with family just like him and be all for show and not really care about others. This scene all so shows insight on how Ophelia has no say in what happens to her.Family in this time period is very big for everyone. Everyone has the big families of 5+ kids and the rarity of the smaller families is small. The smaller families have a tight bond that cannot be broken. It all starts with Polonius, who enters to bid his son farewell. He tells Laertes that he must hurry to his ship, but then he decides to take his time to explain to Laertes how to behave, mostly with integrity. Polonius then warns Laertes to keep his thoughts to himself, keep himself from lashing out, and to treat new people with kindness and not heartless acts. Polonius is using his power to get Laertes to be like himself because, in turn, he wants Laertes to do very well in life and help keep the family afloat. Next, we have the insight into how Ophelia’s life is being run by both her father and her brother. This is present when Laertes leaves, bidding farewell to Ophelia once more. Alone with his daughter, Polonius asks Ophelia what Laertes told her before he left. Ophelia says that it was “something touching the Lord Hamlet” (I.ii.89). Polonius asks her about her relationship with Hamlet. She tells him that Hamlet claims to love her. Polonius sternly echoes Laertes’ advice and forbids Ophelia to associate with Hamlet anymore. He tells her that Hamlet has deceived her in swearing his love and that she should see through his false vows. This is very important to see because of the foreshadowing is has on the rest of the play because she does not seem to really have a voice for herself.