Gandalf”Farewell! well known around the Middle Earth.

Gandalf”Farewell! O Gandalf! May you ever appear where you are most needed and least expected!” -J.R.R Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’Gandalf is a mysterious character. He constantly disappears and reappears. Naming times such as with the trolls, where he was nowhere to be found while walking on the path but helped saved the day by stalling the trolls. He is well known around the Middle Earth. An example of having a reputation is during the first few pages of the book, where Bilbo mentions him being the wizard who displayed fireworks at Bag End. He is a quite rare specimen, being that, they are one other mentioned clan member in The Hobbit, Radagast.  Finally, the challenge of drawing an elder man wearing a funny hat realistically was too hard to pass up. Appearance:Gandalf is a wizard. His face is of an old man. His eyebrows are tall and thin. He has wrinkles scattered all over his visage, commonly under his light blue eyes. He wears a long silver hood with matching robes. Laying on his head is a light blue pointed hat. Wrapped around his neck is a lengthy grayish scarf. To match, he has long gray hair and beard, both reached pass his waist. On the bottom of his body are dark brown boots. Overall, he is three times the size of an average hobbit. Smaug”Never laugh at a live dragon.”-J.R.R Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’Dragons are very difficult to draw unless you draw them constantly. They have different aspects. They are a mix of different creatures. They seem to be a type of lizard. As well as his personality. Smaug is arrogant, yet clever. That is why I chose to draw him.  Appearance:Smaug is a dragon. His face has each coal black eye to the side of it, similar to a bird. His nostrils are big and are used to breathe out fire. His mouth is wide with his fangs peering through. He has golden red scales that are the size of palm tree leafs. These scales cover his body with the exception of one scale, where one is missing on top his stomach area. His lower-back has spikes that aline with his spine, going from the top of his head to end of his tail. He has two legs and two arms, all have sharp talons.