Furthermore, to detect minor pupil difficulties and

Furthermore, by occasionally, observing the classroom for possible frustrations, confusions, and boredom, it is easy to detect minor pupil difficulties and misbehaviours before they develop into serious problems. Hence, the teacher must identify locations that help her to easily monitor students’ behaviour. Knowing that effective teaching and learning can’t take place in weakly managed classrooms, because if the learners are disrespectful, and don’t abide by the rules and procedures that direct their behaviour, chaos will become the norm, and  therefore, both teachers and pupils will suffer; teachers will struggle to  teach and students will learn much less than they should, that’s why it is very beneficial for instructors to have a well-managed classroom to create an environment in which instructing and learning can blossom by designing and applying classroom rules and procedures.  As for the third problem, the teacher was most of the time lecturing, a traditional way of teaching. This method is mainly teacher-centered where she dominates the class. Moreover, this instructional technique makes students feel bored and therefore misbehaviour and improper actions will arise. In order to overcome this problem, the teacher must follow the theories of constructivism such as Dreikur’s Social Discipline. It is very important to diversify our teaching strategies to captivate students’ attention and effectively engage them by providing tasks that correspond to each individual needs, for instance, applying cooperative learning, experimentation, discussion and simulations. Since, effective teaching stimulates students to learn, to acquire knowledge and to critically synthesize information, and also offer opportunities for applying their acquired knowledge.  Another essential instructional method is assessing the learners throughout the scholar year to assure that they have acquired the concepts of the lesson. Whenever a teacher presents information that engages all learning styles, he/she will be sure that every student has reached the outcome of the lessons. Furthermore, some instructional techniques are most suitable for teaching basic skills, while others are better for promoting higher-level cognitive processes. Besides that, a successful classroom is a place in which pupils acquire and use school subject matter in various meaningful ways.  To sum up, teaching techniques that cater to various learning styles alone can reach to all the students and provide a stimulating and motivating educational experience.