Some the typewriter user. On the other hand,

Some equipments have functional similarities. The research focuses on the use of both typewriters and computers for the preparation of correspondences. The research includes determining if there are differences between the use of computers and typewriters. The functional likeness between the typewriter and the computer has its limits.

There are two objects that function similarly. The typewriter is used to produce correspondence. For example, the marketing manager types a one page report indicating the projected revenues for the month. Likewise, the computer can also be used to generate the same projected revenue report.

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Likewise, Patty Hoffman (8) reiterated both the typewriter and computer can be used to make invitations. Any person can use either the typewriter or the computer to make invitations to one’s debut, birthday, marriage, or other special occasions.

Also, both the typewriter and computer can be used to complete any legal document. Both can be used to type affidavits and contracts that bind one person to another.

Further, both typewriter and computer can be used to formalize handwritten notes. Some people would prefer typewritten notes over hand-scribbled notes. The reason is very obvious, some people’s handwriting are too difficult to decipher. Some handwritten letters are too vague to determine because they are too stressfully spend more time on.

However, they are designed differently. The typewriter is made of metal. The letters are pushed by the human finger. On the other hand, the computer relies on software program to generate the words encoded by the computer user.

In terms of correcting errors, the typist uses an eraser, liquid paper, or other materials to manually delete the wrong letter or letters typed. On the other hand, the computer user can just push the backward key to ensure that any erroneously encoded letter is deleted.

In terms of comparison, the computer is a better choice over the typewriter. The typist will surely dirty one’s fingers when he or she adjusts the typewriter ribbon. The typist has to adjust the typewriter ribbon whenever the ribbon reaches its end. The typewriter ribbon unwinds each type a key stroke is hammered or punched by the typewriter user. Changing the typewriter ribbon is very tedious and cumbersome for the typewriter user. On the other hand,

Manual Typewriter

Laptop Computer

likewise, the typewriter it too heavy and bulky to carry compared to the laptop computer. The laptop computer is lightweight because it is made for the person on the go. A person would find the typewriter shown in the picture above too heavy for carry in one’s hand carry bag. On the other hand, the laptop computer can easily be carried by the lady shown in the picture with ease and comfort.

In addition, Jonathan Zittrain (253)opined the typewriter user has to fax the letter or the letters through the post office to the intended receiver in another state. On the other hand, the computer user can simply send the encoded messages through email. With the advent of information technology, the computer user can send messages to the receiver with ease safety.

Sending the message through the post office will surely take several days for the receiver to actually get hold of the correspondence. On the other hand, sending the message by using the facilities of the computer to email messages, the client or receiver of the emailed messages will receive the messages within a few minutes after the computer user sends the email messages.

In addition, the typewriter is more difficult to perform than a computer. The typewriter user has to press the keys of the typewriter with more force compared to the pressing the keys of the computer. The typewriter relies on muscle power to produce each letter typed on the typing paper. On the other hand, the computer uses relies on the computer program to produce the letters appearing on the bond paper.

Another difference is the movie aspect of both types of office equipment. The typewriter cannot read the DVD or CD movie. On the other hand, the computer user can insert a DVD or CD disc containing the latest movies or musical programs. Watching movies and songs on the computer is one distinct advantage of the computer over the outmoded typewriter.

Another difference is the camera aspect of both types of office equipment. The typewriter cannot take pictures because it has no camera. On the other hand, a majority of the computers have built in cameras that can be used to take pictures.

Another difference is communication. Robert Carbaugh (44) insisted the typewriter does not have a skype advantage where people can chat for hours free of long distance charges. The computer gives its user the unique advantage of enjoying endless chat using yahoo messenger or skype software. The computer user can save lots of long distance money replacing one’s typewriter with a computer.

Another difference is based on burning capacity. The typewriter does not have the capacity to burn songs, programs, or other types of files. On the other hand, any person can admire and feel the distinct advantage of having a computer that has the ability burn songs, movies, and other types of files.

Based on the above discussion, several equipments have similar functions. Both typewriters and computers are used for the preparation of correspondences. However, there are differences between computers and typewriters. The differences include the use of skype, burning, and watching movies. Indeed, the functional similarity between the typewriter and the computer has its limits.

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