From entitled ‘Professional Engineering and Design’ as

From an
early age, I have been fascinated by computers and how they perform. I am
especially captivated by the academic aspects and the problem solving. I want
to gain the skills to be able to devote to this rapidly expanding field that
has permanently changed the world we live in.


The logic
and practicality base the regulation of Computer Science, is what attracts me
to the subject; My desire has evolved into a deeper and more meaningful
enthusiasm that I aim to seek at a university level.

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course requires a significant amount of hard work and creativity which are
traits I posses. I have expressed my creative traits in problem solving in math
at school and in everyday complications.


I have
developed high mathematical skills due to the strict high school curriculum
that we had. more over we had past two computer basic courses at school which
fired my interest

excited to develop my understanding in this area further by choosing the
Networking and Concurrency and Programming Practice & Applications offered
by the undergraduate course


I can’t
wait to study the class entitled ‘Professional Engineering and Design’ as my
first insight into software design. 

To follow
up my interest in this field, I worked at “IT-Orbit co” as an intern, my job
was to design and maintain a variety of websites as assigned, update web style
sheets and pages on a regular basis, cooperate with other design staff members
with various aspects of site maintenance, and organize various web pages with
proper anchors and multimedia elements. As I said this internship was
inspirational and helped me understand the rapidly changing landscape of
software innovation worldwide.


As a
future job, I would like to start my own software engineering/business company
and become an entrepreneur. the knowledge, skills and experience I’ll gain at
university will help me in the programming and problem solving aspect as well
as the business running aspect.


I have
always been frustrated by the fact that most schools in Iran seem to regard the
study of computers as an afterthought and I relish the prospect of studying the
raw science of computing for three years.