Francis is well-known thanks to his ground-breaking use

Francis Kéré – Undoubtedly my inspirational architects that waved my train of thought, someone that I had the pleasure to meet during summer 2017 on four different accounts. An architects that were born and raised in Burkina Fuso, that has established himself in Germany, Berlin, someone who has given back to the motherland (Burkina Fuso, Kenya, Mali and Togo) Africa, Kéré is a key person in Africa Architectural movement that is creating a diverse future for Africa, offered a Grant by a German charity for carpentry, but Kéré used this opportunity to train in Architecture in its place before recurring to the motherland   Burkina Fuso, to his home village of Gando, where his combination of western training and local knowledge has shaped a series of innovative building that has dramatically improved condition.

School Library Gando (Gando, Burkina Faso)  PICTURE

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Wide overhanging roofs resist the rainy season and allow passive air circulation to cool

 Kéré set about using his European training and traditional African methods to transform Gando, moving the focus from western “one size fits all” methods to ones that incorporate native solutions to high temperatures, lack of resources and seasonal weather.

Kéré’s work in Gando is well-known thanks to his ground-breaking use of local resources, substituting the heat retaining and control concentrated existing within the neighbourhood made mud bricks, attached with wide overhanging roofs designed to struggle the rainy season and let inactive airflow to cool the building. The initial achievement of the Gando Primary School has since long-drawn-out to a public library and secondary school, teacher’s housing and a community centre. Kéré has also worked on undertaking deforestation by by means of Eucalyptus wood for the buildings, a tree often established by replanting programs that is water hungry and unfitted to the local weather and replacing them with mango trees, which delivers both a source of fruit and shade to the local community. The source of food is mainly significant; the harsh environment and reliance on millet (pounded and boiled into foufou) mean that the food source is precarious – to some degree that also led Kéré to establish a school allotment, increasing the variety of the local food supply and education children valued techniques which will result in more sustainable farming practices.


Kéré’s work in Gando has stimulated other societies to embark on similar projects, while the attention it has transported has allowed Kéré to enlarge the scale of his projects, including a medical centre, Red Cross Museum and remarkably, a centre encouraging the use of earth architecture as a way of reducing deforestation. Also, well-intentioned of comment is his work on the Opera Village, a scheme incorporating the beliefs of the Gando development with a focus on nation-wide identity.

Kunle Adeyemi, is an architect that I came across, someone that see chaos and problems, whereas, he see solution and potential, Kunle Adeyemi has quoted ‘ I am constantly inspired solution we discover in everyday life in the world’s developing cities’ for example Kunle wild thinking creating