Both the effectiveness of the decision in

Both companies Johnson & Johnson and Dow Corning were framed particular issues which helped the make a decision in their cases. However, those frames also presupposed the effectiveness of the decision in cases under consideration. The choice of the tools for solving the problem and the vision of the problem are effective aspects which are to be considered while making a decision.

Looking at the cases under consideration, it should be stated that the difference in the outcome of the politics held by Johnson & Johnson and Dow Corning was caused by the frames which were used as windows and tools. The main idea of the Johnson & Johnson’s Code of Ethics is to make sure that the customers are satisfied and the products do not harm their health. Additionally, there are a lot of other items which make sure that the frames have been correctly chosen.

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Thus, applying to the human resource frames, political frames and symbolic frames, Jonson & Jonson managed to remain successful and conserved its positive image. The company’s measures were based on the roles, policies, needs and relationships of the organization towards its customers. Many other ethical aspects played their role. At the same time, the failure of the Dow Corning company may be explained by the reference only to the political frames.

The company was bothered for the conflicts which may appear and wanted to prevent those by means of closing the factories and refusing from the manufacturing. Therefore, it may be concluded that the choice of frames, both the windows and as tools, plays a great role in considering the image of the company and its mental map.

Dwelling upon the differences in ethical stances of the Johnson & Johnson and Dow Corning, the Code of Ethics as well as the goals of the companies should be considered. Johnson & Johnson is the company which takes care for its customers and for their health. Only the great care for the clients and the guarantee of their satisfaction may create the successful business for the company.

Johnson & Johnson deals with many different products and covers many niches at the world market. The problems and the shade of one particular product may cause the company failure if successful marketing of other products. Dow Corning is the company which produces only one kind of the products and they believed that the arguments they had were enough.

The lack of interest in the company image may be explained by the great assuredness of the company leaders in the inability of the company failure or the fact that the issue cannot be proved. The failure to combine the company image and the purposes of the manufacturing has lead to the fact that others became interested in the failure. Looking for the problems, the information was found. Therefore, it may be concluded that the company has lost the whole manufacturing only because they did not want to lose some income.

The loss in case of accepting the failure and withdrawal of the failure product could be less than the closure of the whole manufacturing. The politics and the frames chosen by Johnson & Johnson were directed at the benefit of customers with the reference to the personal profit, while Dow Corning was directed at the personal profit with making the interests of the customers the secondary concern.