Fracking and provide fresh water to nearby

Fracking or hydraulic fracturing, is a type of drilling that uses a combination of advanced hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, which efficiently extracts oil and gas from the Earth’s crust.    This mining method involves tapping shale and other rock formations by drilling about a  mile below the surface, then gradually continuing to horizontally for several thousand feet more. As a result, a single site can contain various wells. Then, once the well is drilled and cemented, small perforations are made in the horizontal well pipe, through which a mixture of water, sand and additives is pumped at high pressure to create micro-fractures in the rock.     There is an issue between those who want to mine thorough fracking near or on national parks, as some have large natural gas reserves within them. Others fight to maintain the environment as pristine as possible. Believing that fracking is in fact not as environmentally friendly as the oil companies paint it to be.     The Colorado’s Twin Rivers National Park is facing this problem. Currently, oil companies have pushed for plans and permits to access over 300,000 acres of land to extract natural gas from reserves deep in the Colorado’s Twin Rivers Park soil. This park houses several species of wildlife ranging from deer, mountain lions, bears, elk, myriad of bird and more. Large forests with a variety of greenery permeate the landscape as well as the two large rivers that cross the park and provide fresh water to nearby towns. Elizabeth Ripley, administrator and overseer of Twin Rivers is in the process of denying access to fracking operations. Oscar Church, spokesperson of Wayland Energy, is seeking access to a portion of the park where the estimated reserves are located.      Church would burst into Ripley’s office, “you seem to not understand that the creation of wells would boost the economy, it would allow oil and gas to be mined locally and it would create thousands of jobs in the area!”, sitting at her desk and presenting various documents, “The introduction of wells to these reserves could drastically improve our independence from foreign oil, besides, we can guarantee environmentally friendly practice…”    “Good morning Church” Ripley sipped her coffee, “I understand that it would boost your company’s profit margin, and your promise of environmental friendliness is no use to damaged wildlife”     “Listen, we can conduct mining operations with minimum impact, fracking does not create holes in the land like coal mining, in fact we would reduce coal emissions by accessing natural gas reserves here” He smiled and presented a couple of documents to Ripley. “Here are the latest plans, we would need only about 300,000 acres of mostly forest and mountain, away from usual travel destinations.”    Adjusting her glasses, Ripley read the proposal for the location, “300,000 acres is still too much, do you have any idea how many trees you’d cut down or pollute? How much wildlife would this affect? Deer, bears, birds all losing their territory, a safe haven. National Parks are already a small portion of the countries lands and you want to reduce it even further.” Taking another sip of her coffee continued, “I’ve read reports of other fracking locations near aquifers and running water, these show contamination levels, hell, one town near a fracking well was able to light their tap water on fire due to the amount of gas contamination.”    Church sighs, “These are unrelated incidents, overblown by the media, fracking is the safest less intrusive way to mine these resources, a single location can house multiple wells, no need for hundreds of dig locations!” Adjusting himself on the chair Church added, “in fact, we use mostly water and sand in the process anyway, that’s quite environmentally friendly wouldn’t you say?”    “well, quite the contrary” she scowled arms crossed, “As I gather, each wells requires thousands if not millions of gallons of water correct?”    “Not entirely sure on the number but yes, a lot of water is used to minimize pollution and push resources, what’s the point, it’s not entirely lost”     “My point exactly, each well uses that much water and multiple wells per dig site, you would take water from places it’s needed just to mine these resources, while contaminating existing water and soil in the process.” Ripley finished her coffee and turned back to Church. “The contamination of the landscape is not just the park, waters serving nearby towns is affected, these lands also offer tourist attraction, not to mention the wildlife and flora that has no other place to be. Do remember that even if you drill here, those resources you want are still finite, and what then? Simply jump to another location and drill there too until there are no green hills anywhere?    “The economy needs the boost, demand is growing, we have created measures that minimize environmental impact, the parks are huge and we need but a portion, it would help many, thousands of jobs are created Ripley.” Standing over the desk adjusting his documents, Church prepared to leave. “Hopefully the local government will see the benefits this drilling can provide. I’m not against the environment here, we do our very best to protect it but we also have the need to provide energy and jobs in the least destructive way. Borehole mines are the ones that destroy the landscape, our wells don’t.”     Ripley stood and walked Church out of her office adding, “Perhaps then you should invest in renewable resources and monopolize that. Explain the public that sure, you can get cheaper oil prices and jobs but your drinking water will be contaminated, your air will be polluted and your national park will deteriorate. Much like the oil your company craves, our environment’s wellbeing will be finite is you dig indiscriminately”     Over the course of public discourse and administrative discussions, Colorado’s people and governing bodies decided that fracking their National Park would create short term benefits that would be far outweighed by the negative effects the contamination would bring.