Forum: Labor Organization (ILO) has reported that

Forum: Security Council

Question of: Measures
to curtail all forms of human trafficking and migrant smuggling

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 Submitted by:  Pluractional State of


Acknowledging the fact that all humans have a right to live in peace
and security,

Alarmed by the fact that the average cost of a slave in 2013 was
between 90 and 100 US dollars,

Deeply disturbed
that The International Labor
Organization (ILO) has reported that globally there are 20.9 million victims of
human trafficking in 137 countries,

Defines human trafficking as the illegal
activity of the recruitment, transportation, harboring, receipt of individuals
as defined in the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in
Persons, especially Women and Children,

Recalling the Universal Declaration of
Human Rights (UNDHR) and its conditions on eradicating human trafficking

Taking note of the Secretary-General’s
reports S/2016/949, as well as S/2015/203 and S/2016/361,

Recognizing that victims of trafficking
are particularly exposed to racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and
related intolerance.

Fully alarmed that 2.4 million
individuals have been trafficked into forced labor and prostitution,

Recalling General Assembly resolution
53/111 of 9 December 1998, in which the Assembly decided to establish an
open-ended intergovernmental ad hoc committee for the purpose of elaborating a
comprehensive international convention against transnational organized crime
and of discussing the elaboration of, inter alia, an international instrument
addressing illegal trafficking in and transporting of migrants, including by


Emphasizing that if matters are not taken to
solve the issue of human trafficking will inevitably get worse;

Calls upon all member states to come
together and co­operate with the United Nations and its appropriate and
relevant subsidiary bodies, such as but not limited to, the United Nations
Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) as well as the United Nations Global
Initiative to eradicate Human Trafficking.

Urges all nations to host more conferences and events regarding
the combating and eradication of human trafficking;

all nations to come up with possible solutions to combat human trafficking;

i.       This would benefit as countries
would work together sharing their current policies on human trafficking related
crimes. Countries more prone to trafficking can implement and reinforce their


Urges member states which are facing domestic
human trafficking to give information to the public on issues including but not limited to the unethicality of human trafficking, especially child trafficking, and the serious consequences of engaging in such activities, through measures including but not limited to:

a.  Public education,
especially for people in rural areas who may be uninformed, to ensure they are aware of the severity of the issue, as well as how their individual participation does make a difference towards
the tackling of the issue, through means including but not limited to:

Social media;

Mass media example television adverts and radios;

Print media example newspapers Pamphlets etc.;


Urges member states to extend assistance to victims of human trafficking on the part of provisionary bodies by means such as but not limited to:

a.  Improving identification of such individuals through
measures such as but not limited to:

I.      Providing Documents to local judicial
system in order to ensure that they do not imprison
individuals who have been accused of crimes arising from them being
victims of human trafficking,

ii.      Identification of ideal practices
of other member states with regards to victim identification and the protection
of identified victims,

iii.      Providing specialized training to ensuring
that police operations within the country
can identify the trade in terms of where such trafficking occurs with reference to border crossings
and the capturing of any known perpetrators,

b.  Ensuring that the victims who have been identified
are given assistance and are registered to enroll in rehabilitation programs,

c.   Establishing a hotline
or telephone number for victims
to receive help, report cases of human trafficking and be provided
information with reference
to human trafficking and how to combat it,

d.  Ensuring such procedures run efficiently and are completed
as quickly as possible?


6.  Urges member states to prevent of human trafficking in destination countries through measures including but not limited to:

a.  reinforcing policies and laws that would ensure that fair employment practices are followed within that country’s
employment practice with reference to guidelines put forth by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), through means such as but not limited to:

i.      Ensuring that terms agreed upon employment
are kept and followed strictly, and the employee
knows what to expect, these terms can be such as but not limited to:

1.  Wages to be paid,

2.  Working hours,

3.  Leave,

4.  Notice in the event of employee

5.  Job description with reference to what the job requires,

b.  Ensuring companies have practices
regarding labour laws within a country’s
law and in accordance with adopted treaties dealing with labour regulation
as adopted by the United Nations?


7. Decides to remain actively
seized on the matter;