For will change at least two of below

For the past 30 years, higher
education industry has changed on their syllabus, education method, and
structure. One of the core reasons is due to the popularity of internet usage, the
communication barrier was reduced and higher education industry, which is rely
on communication, require to change the strategy to adapt the environment.

Let’s further discuss below:

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Video 1: What is strategy

In the video, it explained most of
the industry don’t know what is strategy, they define objectives or goals
instead of it. The strategy will bring high-level direction to the business,
which lead the successfuliness, a very tactical insight, sometime it will
sacify some area if necessary.  Good
strategies will clearly answer to below 4 questions:

Where do we compete?

What unique value do we bring?

What resources/ capabilities do we utilize?

How do we sustain unique value?


Video 2: Business model innovation

In this video, it explained most companies
have a misconception of innovation. They define innovation as below:

Innovation means that the ideas created must be
new, which has nobody recognized or act before

Big success need a lot of resources to achieve

Innovation requires high technology background or
skill set

Actually, innovation does not require above,
it can be innovate by new business model with new technology, which is not
brand new tech. It can also be innovate by imitation from another industry,
modify and enhanced by other company experience.

In addition, business model innovation will
change at least two of below dimensions:

Target customers

The offer to customers

The value proposition created, and

Revenue generated


Video 3: CAGE Framework for International Trade –
Global Matters

CAGE framework stands for:

C- Cultural

A- Administrative/ Political

G- Geographic

E- Economic


After watching these videos, it explained the
relevancy to higher education as below:

1.     What
business models of higher education are using?

2.     What
business model innovation required for higher education in order to success

3.     Explain
higher education international strategies by CAGE

Traditional higher education focusing on
first, Do board research, they have sufficient scale and brand to enable them
to compete internationally with the world best across a wide range of research

Second, Niche but world class research, they are world class in research
for a small number of niche areas. It becomes the focus of the organisation and
shapes the brand.

Final, Teaching focused, they have decided to focus on teaching. Their
brand is recongnised as centre of excellence for education.

However, most of the higher education will emerging their business model
to, first, digital leader, they will use digital to differentiate their offering.

Second, becoming an innovator, which is focused on innovation,
incubating and co-creating new ideas, it will be embedded within the national
supply chain.

Final, Be a corporate, the primary driver of the
acitivity is not the university but the corporate entity.