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For this assignment I chose to research the topic LNG processing. Out of all of the other topics that are listed, liquefied natural gas processing stood out to me the most. LNG will soon be the world fastest growing major energy source.  This source is very beneficial to the environment and customers.  It is clean burning, super safe,  and can be used for many different ways.  What also interested me is how its efficiently produced, transported, and stored without any major harm to the people or the environment and also how important its roll is now and in the future as well.  LNG is basically natural gas in its liquid form.  Throughout the course of a production technique called liquefaction, this liquefied natural gas will be cooled down all the way to its boiling point taking away most of the compounds and leaving the remaining natural gas as methane.  This technique causes it to be a clear, colorless, odorless, non toxic or corrosive LNG.  This process also makes transporting the gas more safer.  If there happened to be an accident causing a spill or anything during any transporting it will not cause a huge damage or any mess on the ground or in water simply because it will evaporate. Meaning that if in water it would just float on top of the water and on the ground it wont leave any kind of residue causing any kind cleanup unnecessary.  Also in liquid form the liquefied natural gas is not explosive nor flammable in its liquid state. The only time it can become explosive is when its vaporized with 5% to 15% natural gas in the air. Less then 5% isn’t enough to burn natural gas, and more than 15% isn’t enough to burn oxygen.This liquefied natural gas is produced by natural gas extracted from the ground. It  contains impurities, water and other kinds of associated liquids. To start the process the first thing to do is clean it by running it through different pipes and vessels.  The gravity helps separate the gas from the heavier liquids where the other impurities are taken out. Next, the natural gas passes through a solvent that is water based that absorbs hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide or it would freeze when the gas is cool and may cause blockages.  Also the remaining water will be removed or it will freeze as well.  The final step is to extract  propane and butane which are the remaining natural gas liquids to be sold separately or to use it as an refrigerant in the cooling processes.  Now that the natural gas is purified, its is ready to be purified through heat exchange. The coolant that is chilled by refrigerators absorbs the heat from the natural gas, which cools the gas and shrinks the volume.  This process is known as the liquefied natural gas process.The LNG is stored inside of insulated tanks until it is ready for loading.  When the LNG arrives to its destination by a specially designed ship just for LNG, it is transferred to a regasification plant where its is returned to its gaseous state by being reheated.  This cleaner burning natural gas is now transported to customers providing energy. The storage of liquefied natural gas is easy and sufficiently stored during off-peak times as well. “Peak shaving”is a form term used to reference to surplus natural gas in liquefied natural gas during times of lowered energy consumption. When it becomes in demand again it can be regased to be used to meet demand. This stops the shortages of energy when the demand is high. The fact that liquefied natural gas takes about 1/600th of space than other gaseous natural gases would makes its transportation an storage a very popular and popular commodity. Although many Americans don’t know about LNG.  It has been apart of the US energy culture for over 100 years. With the first facility built in West Virginia to store liquid natural gas in the 1900’s.  LNG is important to use because not only is it the cleanest and safer it is also price competitive to meet needs.  This is just a few intersting facts on liquefied natural gas and how its processed.  In conclusion LNG ( liquefied natural gas ) is the best in the gases entergy culture since the industrial revolution by leading in safety, enviromental, air quility emissions, storage, transportation and production.