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For any type of building projects like commercial, residential, hospital, industrial & townships constructions, following types of role performed by the civil engineer; 1) Civil engineer has to prepare the layout of the proposed construction site 2) To prepare the construction site plan & send for approval. 3) Civil engineers has to involved in the planning, designing in the construction project. 4) To find out the foundation details of the proposed site & also prepare investigation reports. 5) To prepare the net estimation cost of the construction & sanction its budget. 6) To involve in the lab testing, planning, supervision & execution of the proposed site. 7) He could also acts as an arbitrator job. 8) In case of big project, he could also play an important role in the operation & maintenance. B. Transportation Engineering: The role of civil engineers in transportation engineering is discussed point wise as follows; 1) Civil engineer performs the work to move the goods & people from one place to another place safely & efficiently. 2) Remote areas & rural areas become accessible & communicable connected by transportation engineering. 3) Civil engineers could design, construct & maintains all the types of transport facilities like highways, railway tracks, airports & marine ports etc 4) They are also involved in the construction of bridges & tunnels of highways & railways. 5) They also deal with the traffic management operation & controlling system of streets & highways in which traffic makes smooth. 6) They also fix the sign & symbol boards like emergencies like hospitals & police stations, hotels, villages or city names at a certain km distance of highways. C. Environmental Engineering: The role of civil engineers in the environmental engineering is discussed as follows; 1) Water supply – Civil engineers perform the work including design, planning, construction of dams & water treatment plants from water supply from rivers, lakes, bore wells etc to the cities. 2) Sanitary system – Civil engineers also perform the work for sewage water management of domestic & industrial waste treatments by constructing pipelines. After treatment on sewage water that becomes less harmful. 3) Environmental Pollution – Civil engineers also perform the role for construction & designing the structure which controls the water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, sound pollution & thermal pollution so on. JSPM Jayawantrao Sawant polytechnic Hadapsar Pune 411028 Dr. Ravindra Dhivare First Year Civil Engineering Diploma – II sem Dr. Ravindra Dhivare 3 | C M A – C h a p t e r – 1 4) Solid waste management – Civil engineers also perform their duties for controlling & managing the garbage waste materials from the town, street wastes, hotel & hospitals wastes with proper disposal systems. D. Irrigation Engineering: The role of civil engineers in irrigation engineering is discussed as follows; 1) Civil engineers can perform the work for the designing & constructing the dams, canals, weirs & barrage system of water supply for the agricultural sectors. 2) Ground water storages can also developed by the civil engineers by constructing the percolation tank. 3) They could also develop the rivers streams for required sides. 4) Irrigation engineering is also used to for the purpose of crop cultivation & for drinking & industrial use. 5) They also perform the work with the development of water resources & buildup the proper arrangements of distribution of water. 6) Irrigation engineering also deals with the sprinkler system, trickle systems, streams & dripping systems of water conveyor to the farms & agricultural land. E. Construction Management: The role of civil engineers in the construction management is discussed as follows; 1) Civil engineer acts as construction manager, architect, developer, designer of the structures. 2) The main role of civil engineer is to survey the site, specifying the scope of the projects. 3) They also specify the projects objectives, selecting the project partners & pan out the budget of the projects. 4) They can also developing the effective communication, good relations & also resolve the clashes. 5) Civil engineer also plays a role of M3T2 in construction field; means