For abiding groups called fraternities and common trouble-making

For centuries, specific organizations of various men and women have grown to become a part of today’s society. There are many different groups and causes which those groups chose to stand by. A common question for most are what is the difference and similarities between those common law abiding groups called fraternities and common trouble-making groups called gangs. Fraternities are mostly common in the United States and Canada. Fraternities are for males, and sororities are for women. Fraternities and sororities are social organizations at colleges or universities. To be a part of these elite groups, there are various qualifications that must be met before someone begins the initiation process. The process to becoming inducted in a fraternity is called pledging. Hours of community service, a certain GPA, letters of recommendation, and a fee has to all be met in order to be considered for membership. On the other hand, gangs are groups of friends or family with leadership inside the organization. They claim territory or a community. They also engage individually or collectively in violent acts. There is a very violent or criminal act in place for the initiation process. The word gang refers to a criminal organization which leaves a negative connotation along with it. There are large differences between fraternities and gangs. fraternities are for men and sororities are for women. Gangs are for male and females; they are a co-ed organization. fraternities do many community service projects and do all they can to better their society. Gangs cause mischief and fight for territory killing their community in the process. fraternities are looked as a great thing to join while in college. Gangs are the complete opposite, and they are looked down upon and feared. Even though there are differences, there are various similarities between the two. After someone has joined either type of group, they are a part of that for life. They can be kicked out of a frat or relieved of their responsibilities as a gang member. There has been past occurrences of fraternities hazing their pledges. Hazing is when members of a frat make pledges do outrageous tasks while they are in their pledging process or even jumping (when a big group beats you up) them to prove their strength and resilience. That is exactly what gangs do, either they jump their new members into their gangs or make them do any kind of criminal act even killing someone else to prove their loyalty. fraternities and gangs are also both color oriented when those groups have specific colors they wear, and that they do not wear. There is also the hand signals which fraternities do to identify themselves and the specific fraternity they are apart of. Which is an issue because gangs do gang signs to intimidate others not to mess with them.There are various groups which have their own causes which those groups chose to support. Fraternities and sororities are very popular and a great way to get involved in school. It does complete college life and help the social atmosphere for a college student. There are huge differences between fraternities and gangs, but there are similarities as well which have to be declared as separate. Which shows why fraternities are acceptable and gangs are not in the community.