Food purchase. In the context of user

Food Panda application user’s probably will gain their food ordering experience because of the usefulness of this application. This application is actually determines the user’s perception of behavior that could lead to the actual purchase. In the context of user acceptance of food application, perceived usefulness could be because of the acceptance of application towards the consumers so that they will use this application in their daily life. This will improve their quality time and this application also could give the benefits to the users. In the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) theory, one of the most important elements influencing the usage and acceptance of the technology is perceived usefulness. According to Davis (1993), perceived usefulness can be defined as “the degree to which an individual trust that using a certain specific system can encourage his or her performance of job”. The owner of the Food Panda application should be able to enhance the job performance in order to enable users to accomplish their tasks more quickly with increasing productivity and effectiveness on the job making. So, it will help the owner of the Food Panda application become easier to do their job.Davis (1986) was proved the effects of perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use to provide more results by estimating these two constructs separately. Perceived usefulness is affected by perceive ease of use from what Davis (1986) were found before. Other than that, according to Wu and Wang (2005) mentioned that perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use sprightly can influence attitude toward behavioral intention. Davis (1986) explains using as being a function of perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use towards an attitude. He explains that attitude is significant to determine whether the potential user are actually use or not. Food Panda application is a source of the information about all the products of food for Food Panda customers. According to Kima et, al. (2014), all the information that have been viewed were act as a motive that related to usefulness and to be more specific, the information is really important to influence the attitude and behavioral intention. By using Food Panda application, it shows that the consumers have a trust and willing to use this application in order for them to make food ordering. Furthermore, perceived usefulness also will increase the job performance when it comes to the prospective user’s subjective probability of using a specific application system (Davis et al., 1989; Islam et al., 2013; Davis, 1989). Islam et al. (2013) determines that the usefulness is the perception of the behavior in order to gain specific rewards.