Food with chocolate cream. When I requested the

Food choices are often influenced by family, caretakers, advertisements
and friends. Food choices healthy or unhealthy have said to directly reflect on
the behavioral pattern and performance of the child.

Research have identified that breakfast which is the most vital meal of
the day directly affects the learning outcome in children with respect to
cognitive development, behavioral pattern, memory retention, and attentiveness.

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A child who may
come to school with a healthy breakfast consisting of high-fiber, vitamin and
nutrient-rich food is more likely to be better focused, interactive, socialable
and cheerful than the child with an unhealthy breakfast or no breakfast at


Studies have
proven that sugar loaded food  has
adverse effects on the child with regards to higher levels of hyperactivity and
violent behavior.


Snacks should
be healthy. Unhealthy snacks contain high levels of saturated fat and sugars
from fast food items, carbonated drinks can pose health risks in the long run
such as obesity in children, tooth decay and diabetes.


One such example –  


A real incident
that happened with one of my students last year. This particular child used to
come to class disturbed, having violent outburst and very distracted. I regarded
this as a normal phase of a 5 year old and hoped it will pass. Sadly, instead
of seeing any improvement, it just got worse. It took me a while to notice that
whatever he got was sweetened, like sweetened dosa or chapatti with chocolate
cream. When I requested the parents to send healthy food, claimed that the
child is fussy about food.  I learnt that
the parents had full time jobs and the child was taken care by the maid. She
would give him snacks like carbonated drinks, chips, fast food snacks on the
child’s insistence. What further alarmed me was that child demanded Oreo biscuits
before coming to school. After reasoning with them, they agreed to give him
nutritious food, but by then it was very difficult for the child to change his
eating habits. He used to constantly fall sick if he did not get his sugary


Now It all
makes sense as how consumption of particular food have on the child. It can not
only have an effect on his health, but also on his behavior, his learning
capabilities, his attention focus and cognitive level.