That in theoretical activity and thereby imitates the

That feeling is what irritated me, so it’s a sorry that I could not join them. If ever only that they had a different approach to me, maybe I enjoyed playing with them and both of us had a good time. Nobody can be blamed for what happened between me and the amazing race team. If they are about to react with my sreactions, then I can throw many words to them as my defense because I am the one who has been quiet there, making my own world when they came. So, if they are about to disturbe somebody, they should have choose other non-kill-joy person.

They should have looked for a person who is willing to feel being fooled and stupid for the sake of joining the fun of their activity. But I can not tell those things to them also, because they do not know my mood in the first place. We do not know each other, so if I have a special behaviour of getting pissed off and irritated, they could not tell it themselves. So, they tried to disturb me and took chance to make me part of their game. It is understood that amazign race is a game wherein the team is about to disturb people who are not part of their group because the challenge for them is to get information from the person they don’t know.

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I’ve been once into that activity, so I understand that it’s just part of the game that I have been used as their respondent. It just came to and end that their approach to me did not please me. Aristotle, one of the legend in philosophies of life, stresses out the differences of people’s opinion about what is best for human beings (Kraut, Richard, 2007). The man at the food chain having mess with himself and his table looks like he doesn’t care of what other people will say about his way of eating.

All he wants to do is to satisfy himself with the food in front of him, regardless if there are people who dislikes his table manners. He will act in his prerogative, because that is where he is comfortable, and that is what can make him happy. Aristotle says that “human happiness does not consist in every kind of pleasure, but it does consist in one kind of pleasure—the pleasure felt by a human being who engages in theoretical activity and thereby imitates the pleasurable thinking of God… ” (Kraut, Richard, 2007). The happiness of the man in chewing his burger noisily is one of the happiness by pleasure that Aristotle says.

The fat man appreciates the food he eats, that’s why he’s luxuriating in the pleasure of having it in his mouth. That is his happiness. I have nothing to do with his style of happiness if that statement is correct. Even though I, when I’m eating my meal, I do not act the way he does. I do not make noises, and as much as possible, I do not want to make even small amount of mess in the table where I am eating. For me, that’s the table manner, and that manner should be present during meals because that is one thing that respects the others.

Being clean in the table is better than having litters on it. It’s good in the eye, not just of mine, but also of the others’. The food looks more delicious if the packaging is nice 7 and it doesn’t mess with the catsups and other food articles. That is what me and the fat guy alters each other. I do give importance and value to table manners, while he does not. But that does not give me any right to say that what he did was unethical. It has just so happened that our pleasures when it comes to table interferes each other.

But like what Kraut, Richard noted in his study, he stated that in the Book VII of Ethics made by Aristotle that “… even if all kinds of pleasures are good, it does not follow that all of them are worth choosing. ” I think, among the kinds of pleasure between the two of us, I have the kind that is better to be considered as one worth choosing. The couple of man I passed by who has a poor sanitation to their bodies; I do not know if it just so happened that they are not aware, or they just don’t care about their smell and look, or if they are just happy with their lifestyle.

I can not judge them by saying that their being gross means that they are unethical already. But I assume that it is not their lifestyle that they do not brush their teeth or even combe their hairs, although it causes destruction and mishap to others. Again, that kind of pleasure they have is one thing that is not to be considered as one worth choosing. About the group of teenagers who came to me and asked me for any participation, maybe I did not make them happy, because of what I did.

Snobbing them at the latter part of the game would mean to them that I am one unethical. If I will be putting my feet on their shoes, I may say that I am type of a person who is very rude. I can not empathize with their situation. In spite of their explanation that they were just having an activity that is very obvious to be an amazing race, considering their very colorful bandages. It will be a very sad feeling of me(if I were on their shoes) when a person I expected to give 7 appreciation with my proposal will be pissed off by our approach.