Thesis other to achieve specified goals which are

Thesis Statement: Has the study of the book “Omnivores Dilemma” Impacted on the way people eat?

Grass: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Pasture

This section stipulates that the grass farmer utilizes some of the oldest farming practices. It adds that the grass farmer should not just be treated as a traditional farmer but he should also be regarded as the one who has taken all the knowledge that people have acquired over the years and used it in a completely revolutionary manner. The grass farmer grows different species of crops and rears different breeds of animals then allows them to work together so that they can flourish.

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The grass absorbs sunlight and converts it into energy. Cows on the other hand graze on the grass and in turn fertilize it. Chickens then utilize the bugs that they get from the fertilized soil and thus eliminate pests. This study is important in that it helps people to understand how farmers utilize the different methods of crop production to produce crops and rear breeds that are of high quality (Pollan 54).

This study is significant in that it has notified different farmers on how they should allow fertilization to take place naturally in order to ensure that their soil remains productive and free from pests. It is true therefore that traditional farming and rearing mechanisms are efficient in terms of maintaining the productivity of the soil.

It is also important for farmers to put into consideration the issue of successful grass farming. For grass farming to be effective, a farmer should ensure that he rears different breeds of livestock to graze in the field which then put natural manure to the field. Farmers should try as much as possible to refrain from applying man-made manure into the field as this would have the long run effect of destroying the fertility of the soil (Pollan 55).

The Animals: Practicing Complexity

This section describes the manner in which raising of cows, chickens, Larvae, grass, and bacteria play an important role in preventing the need for fertilizers, wormers, and antibiotics. This section is significant in that it demonstrates that all animals depend on each other to achieve specified goals which are specified by farmers.

For example, chickens act as the cleaning crew, while the pigs are used to spread manure in the field. This is a complex system and in order for people to catch up with it, they invented the wheel whose goal is to simplify the complex process that is used by chickens and pigs (Pollan 57).

Slaughter: In a Glass Abattoir

This section reflects on the Omnivores dilemma. It argues that if people do not have the ability to feed the animals that they have, then they should refrain from eating them. The section notifies people that death is part of life the animals being slaughtered. They should therefore give animals a good life and death. This implies that people should show appreciation for the animals that they rear and slaughter them using recommended tools.

The Market: Greetings from the Non-Barcode People

Organic food substances are described by many people as being elitist. This means that it is not possible for the average American to afford organic products. Research has shown that people are very much willing to use their money to meet the needs of their cell phones, giant TVs, and high speed internet but they cannot afford to meet the costs of organic food which have been raised sustainably (Pollan 45).

This therefore shows that people do not value the products that add value to their health. They choose other pressures over organics that would add more value to their health.

The Meal: Grass Fed

Most people love consuming products that are not only local, sustainable or organic, but they also love consuming products that are produced on a seasonal basis. It is said that those foods that are grown in seasons have higher nutritive value compared to those foods that are present throughout the year.

Seasonal products also add quality and taste to food (Pollan 46). Many people therefore have different experiences in the tastes, enjoyment, and quality when they consume a product that has been produced seasonally. Food that is produced seasonally has a higher nutritional value because of its nature.

Impact of reading the Omnivores Dilemma

The book “Omnivores Dilemma” has a very significant influence in determining the way people eat. The book lays its emphasis on whether people should eat fast foods or organic foods. Pollan stipulates that the health of children and the environment plays an important role in sustaining life on earth (56). Pollan’s readings have also had significant influence on the way people eat.

People have therefore found it necessary to consume food that adds more value to their health and hence enabling them to minimize incidences of acquiring health related complications. Pollan’s writing style therefore induces people to adopt more healthy eating habits in order to increase their survival rate. It is therefore advisable for a person to ensure that he reads more of Pollan’s books since they inspire people to adopt healthy lifestyle.

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