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Firstly, with the advent of Aipad, the growth rates of Mac have decreased, which, incidentally, are now quite small compared with the devastating effect in the rest of the PC industry. Mac sales increased 14% last quarter, while the industry experienced only 2.6% growth.Not only ordinary consumers provide the growth of the iPad. Many researches show that the new product was very popular with the enterprises, and thanks to the launch of the Apple mass purchasing program it is quite likely that the business will even more readily accept the iPad. The company from Cupertino did not expect such a success of its product in the business market and only now begins to focus on this sector.Another factor in the popularity of the iPad is that the tablet, thanks to a completely different environment and intuitive capabilities, finds unexpected applications in the business sector and is often used in places where there has never been a PC. Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer, after reporting a 179% increase in quarterly iPad revenue and related accessories, to more than $ 6 billion, noted that currently 86% of Fortune 500 companies are testing or already use the iPad.Retail stores Apple, opened by the company around the world, is another factor in the success of the iPad. Quite possibly, the stores have made the product line of the Mac, iPod and iPhone more successful than they would have been. There is no reason to believe that this same statement does not apply to the iPad.Children are already growing in a world where sensory tablets are becoming a part of everyday life. Apple sells more iPad to K-12 children and teens (from preschool to senior school age) than Mac computers. The company could not imagine such a popularity of the device in children. If many modern young people find it difficult to imagine life without a PC, then, perhaps, in the future people will experience the same with respect to tablets.In addition, as far as children are concerned, while teachers and parents are debating how this will affect the further development of tablets born in the era, children continue to improve with the help of development programs. And autistic children are no exception. Professors conducted a study that showed that using an iPad with applications that translate certain actions into voice to develop the speech abilities of children aged 5 to 8 led to the fact that children began to memorize significantly more words than using other methods. All children who took part in the study orally learned new words, and some even learned how to use short sentences as they learned.Thus, this shows how Apple’s tablets affect not only the computer industry, but also other industries.