“Fat. has not aided Trump to escape

  “Fat. Pig. Dog. Slob. Disgusting animal” are
just some of the names Donald Trump has labelled women in recent years. The
billionaire is notorious for his sexist, racist, homophobic and misogynistic
views so it came as a surprise to the majority of society when he was elected
President of the United States. The development of social medias has not aided
Trump to escape from the resentment he is subjected to as it seems more time is
spent on Twitter constructing controversial, questionable and disputed opinions
rather than focusing on plans to restore America to the great country it once
was. Despite his plans to build a wall between Mexico and America to keep
immigrants out, something like that in TV show “Game of Thrones” the business
man beat Hilary Clinton in the race to presidency even with all races other
than white preferring Clinton. However, the question to focus on now is not why
Trump resembles a wotsit crisp or oompa loompa but will he be a successful
president for America especially with only business experience?

is now a virtual megaphone used to broadcast plans, policies and promises but
how hard will Twitter promises be to keep? Since he has become president, Trump
has used Twitter as an official channel for the White House to communicate with
the public and apparently bypass “fake news”. “Trump’s itchy Twitter thumbs
have redefined politics” a quote from https://www.cnet.com/news/donald-trump-itchy-twitter-thumbs-politics/
shows the world how much of an impact he has on the modern day world. Almost
75% of twitters users get their news from the service yet according to a
Quinnipiac University poll in September of 2017 still an estimated 69 % of
American voters think Trump should stop tweeting. This statistic became a
reality in early November 2017 with a Twitter employee deactivating his account
for 11 minutes, a long time for Trump to be away from the “tremendous platform”
he could possibly call home instead of the White House. On the contrary,
Trump’s idea to constantly use the app as a flow of news, especially for the
millennials should be commended. It shows a step forward for politics and sets
an example for the rest of the world to follow. He has begun to develop a new
world in which advancing technology walks hand in hand with global politics.
According to http://www.nationalreview.com/article/454638/donald-trump-twitter-hes-won-social-media-battle “Trump
has created a Twitter empire with a reach that far exceeds the combined
subscriber base of the New York Times and Washington Post” with over 44 million
followers on the platform. However Trump’s record speaks louder than his 240
character speeches. With an approval rate of below 40% Trump may be tweeting
his presidency into oblivion.

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  Although President Trump is a child of
immigrant parents one of his biggest yet most hated propositions is the mammoth
wall he wishes to build on the US-Mexico border to stop unlawful immigration to
the country which he has insisted for a long time Mexico will pay for. Despite
most immigrants in the US being tax-payers, job creators and often contribute
more to society than those born in the USA, president Trump insists on
constructing the estimated $12 billion wall to stop the flow of illegal
immigrants and drug-smugglers.             Although this idea sounds like it could be
a success, it has been labelled as Donald Trump’s most moronic idea. Not only
does this notion of stopping all Mexican immigrants seem morally wrong, it also
suggests that Trump’s campaign and legislations are showing signs of racism. Even
though the idea is completely barbaric, Trump must be commended for the bravery
he has to put forward this proposition with oozing confidence to a world in
which he his massively loathed. An estimated 11.6 million Mexican
immigrants resided in the United States in 2015, this accounted for 27% of all
US immigrants. Statistics
show that the number of Mexicans migrating to the US is less than in the past
so does this mean that Donald Trump’s plans to build a barrier are completely
pointless? This proposition is a prime example of bad leadership and shows that
Trump’s judgements are very poor. He has based his decisions merely on outdated
assumptions rather than on cold and hard facts. The “flood of illegal immigrants”
in America is a problem that seems a relatively exaggerated one as most come
into the United States to simply try and stay alive, not to take Americans jobs
or housing.

  “The United States must greatly
strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes
to its senses regarding nukes,” said Donald Trump in a tweet he posted
December 22nd, 2016. These are frightening words coming from one of
the most powerful men in the world. The dangers of nuclear weapons are apparent
to the whole of the population and worry is circulating that Trump will attack
North Korea. Democrats have received a vast amount of support against Donald
Trump’s plans with an estimated 500,000 people signing a petition to take away
the President’s capability to launch nuclear weapons. Conflict between North
Korea and the US can be very probable and tension between the two countries is
steadily increasing. In this case, Trumps’ seemingly impulsive and irrational
behaviour is not what is best in this situation. His determination to win at
any cost will have a negative effect on his presidency in this circumstance as
he seems ready to “push the big red button” at any moment against North Korea.
So what does this mean for America and the world? If missiles were given to
every city in the US with a population over around 170,000 22 million people
could die and 150 cities could be completely destroyed. Even though the threat
of nuclear weapons from North Korea is relatively terrifying, the consequences
of Trump retaliating should be prioritised. Here’s hoping that President Donald
Trump’s irresponsible and moronic plan will soon be realised and he will avert
from possibly beginning a nuclear war and the end of the world in an instant

  In conclusion, President Donald Trump will
most likely not be a successful President in my opinion. Although his business
experience aids him in negations and his bravery, courage and honesty allows
him to speak his mind, a key quality for a leader of a country, it seems as if
Trump’s head is too big to see the serious issues he must invest in and the
impacts he could easily provoke. Despite him not being the first racist,
homophobic and sexist president these labels will cause him to be bias on
issues such as LGBT rights which will not go down well with a constantly
growing accepting society. Perhaps if Trump improves his shocking 33% approval
rate, learns how to compromise in politics and has a trusted advisor to tell
him no in the right situations then he can become a successful president but at
this moment in time, the billionaire laughing stock is on the path to shake